What do “e” “-” “C” and “E” mean in this output?

What do “e” “-” “C” and “E” mean in this output?

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I have given an input of this protein sequence:


from this website along with the option of COBEpro. Now the output sent by this site to my email is as follows:

0.82848577 39 TKALGIS CCCCCEE eee-e-e
0.82036375 39 TKALGI CCCCCE eee-e-
0.76503265 38 TTKALGI ECCCCCE eeee-e-
0.73178638 73 TSQPRGDP CCCCCCCC -eeeeeee

and a few more. Now can you tell me, if I consider the very first result, I was able to findTKALGISin the parent sequence but could not findCCCCCEE. What is thisCCCCCEE? And what does thiseee-e-emean?

CCCEEE etc. are the secondary structural elements. In this case, theCrefers to non-strand and non-helix regions i.e loop regions rather than a coiled region. TheCorEusually refers to whether the residue is coiled (C) or part of a strand (E).Hwould be used to denote a helix, however, in the question, it appears that there are no helices. These letters are often different in different software: it's merely a point of semantics between different software.

eor-refers to if the amino acid at that position is exposed or not (-= buried).

For the method, here is the COBEpro paper, although it does seem very technical. The help page has more easily accessible information on the output.

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