Animal incubation time

Animal incubation time

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Alligator: 60 day incubation period


The incubation time of birds and reptiles varies from species to species. It lasts long enough for the animal to develop inside the egg until hatching (birth of the animal). Below is the average incubation time of some species.

Species and incubation time (average)


Agapomis - 23 days

Albatross - 80 days

Ostrich - 42 days

Calafate - 15 days

Cockatiel - 20 days

Swan - 30 days

Pheasant - 22 days

Falcon - 29 days

Chicken - 21 days

Goose - 30 days

Duck - 28 days

Budgerigar - 18 days

Peru - 26 days

Penguin - 63 days

Pigeon - 18 days

Diamond Ring - 13 days


Alligator - 60 days

Sea Turtle - 55 days

Teiú - from 60 to 90 days

Caulker: incubation period of only 15 days (one of the smallest among birds).


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