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Ovary: Production of reproductive cells (eggs)

Which is

The ovary is an organ, belonging to the female reproductive system, present only in females, including humans. It is in this organ that reproductive cells or eggs are produced.

Usually the woman has two ovaries, one on either side of the uterus, and these are connected by the fallopian tubes.

Ovary Anatomy

Regarding their anatomy, they have an oval and flattened shape, similar to that of an almond. Each ovary has two parts: one internal and one external.

In adult women, the outer part houses a large number of follicles of different sizes, where the eggs are found.

With each menstrual cycle, a follicle develops and a large amount of estrogen begins to secrete. At this time the follicle is called the Graaf follicle.

Hormone production

The ovaries produce hormones (sex hormones), which, together with the pituitary, contribute to the development of specific female characteristics, and also has the function of regulating menstruation.


Fertilization occurs through the union of sperm with the egg, usually still in the fallopian tube. After this, the zygote or egg is formed.