Is it possible to kill parasitic worms by intoxicating oneself?

Is it possible to kill parasitic worms by intoxicating oneself?

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I've heard of parasites that can live in the human body and do a lot of damage to the host. There are even safer forms of worm-like parasites inside the intestine, but some parasites can live in the blood vessels or even in the brain or eyes.

Parasites are, in my opinion, the most disgusting creatures there are, so I wondered if they could be killed with intoxication. Would it be possible to get rid of worm parasites in the blood by increasing the amount of alcohol in the blood to a level that humans can tolerate but parasites can't? Could you also eliminate brain parasites with hangover-related brain dehydration?

That the dead parasites remain in the body may not be good or advisable. In addition, eggs, which are usually a little more resilient, should rather be removed from the body by antibiotics or proper medication. But is it at least theoretically possible to do something with alcohol against parasites?

In summary, there is no convincing evidence to say that alcohol intoxication helps to treat or prevent parasites in humans.

1) The evidence from in vivo human studies does not support the idea that alcohol consumption helps in treating parasites.

Alcoholism and Strongyloides stercoralis: Daily Ethanol Ingestion Has a Positive Correlation with the Frequency of Strongyloides Larvae in the Stools (PLoS, 2010):

The frequency of Strongyloides was significantly higher in alcoholic patients than in control group (overall prevalence in alcoholic 20.5% versus 4.4% in control group; p = 0.001).

2) Even a strong alcohol beverage gets diluted when it reaches the intestine.

Ethanol concentrations in the human gastrointestinal tract after intake of alcoholic beverages (European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2016):

In a cross-over study, five fasting volunteers were asked to drink two standard consumptions of commercially available alcoholic beverages, including beer (Stella Artois®, 500 mL, 5.2% ethanol), wine (Blanc du Blanc®, 200 mL, 11% ethanol) and whisky (Gallantry Whisky®, 80 mL, 40% ethanol).

The median gastric ethanol Cmax (min-max) for the beer, wine and whisky conditions amounts to 4.1% (3.1-4.1), 4.1% (2.6-7.3) and 11.4% (6.3-21.1), respectively… Median duodenal ethanol Cmax (min-max) for beer, wine and whisky are 1.97% (0.89-4.3), 2.39% (2.02-5.63) and 5.94% (3.55-17.71), respectively.

So, the maximal ethanol concentration in the duodenum after drinking 80 mL of whisky was 17.7%. Most of ethanol is absorbed in the first part of the small intestine (Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology), so it does not reach the more distant parts and does not likely kill the parasites there.

3) Even strong intoxication is associated with low blood alcohol concentration.

In strong intoxication, your blood alcohol concentration would be only 0.2-0.3%. In one study (Table 1), the 50% lethal concentration (LC50) of ethanol, which killed 50% of the bloodstream forms of the parasites Trypanosoma brucei, was 10.6%.

4) Alcohol intoxication and brain dehydration

Alcohol intoxication or hangover are not automatically associated with dehydration. Anyway, even in severe dehydration, you still have a lot of water in your body, including the brain, so the parasites living there do not necessarily get dehydrated as a result of your dehydration.

In general, dehydration increases the risk of infections, because it dries mucous membranes, for example in the urinary tract (BMJ Open Quality, 2019).

Although the previous answers give a resounding "No" for the case of human hosts and parasitic worms, a 2012 research paper (Alcohol Consumption As Self-Medication Against Blood-Borne Parasites In The Fruitfly) states that the larvae of Drosophila melanogaster (fruit flies) actively seek out foods containing ethanol when they are infected by the eggs/larvae of parasitic wasps.

(I don't know whether they do this when the parasite's egg has been laid inside them, or after it's hatched into a larva, or both.)

This paper was quoted by various popular science magazines of the time (see e.g., and also metioned the use of ethanol as a preventative measure as well as a curative one.

Despite having evolved an increaed tolerance to the ethanol, however, the increased consumption may have some adverse side-effects on the infected fly larva.

The answer to your question depends on the kind of parasites you're focusing on.

Looking at bacteria and gastro-intestinal infections, I found three articles (one based on a model stomach, a second one based on a questionnaire and serum analysis and a third one describing a specific incident), which indicate that there is a certain protective effect of ethanol consumption.

This paper describes the effect of wine on Listeria innocua in a model stomach (I have only access to the abstract). Wine seems to have an antimicrobial effect, which can be traced back mainly to ethanol as well as to organic acids.

Ethanol exhibited a higher bactericidal effect than the mixture of the main wine organic acids. When testing the organic acids separately, malic and lactic acids were found to have the strongest effect. The combination of ethanol with the organic acids acted synergistically but to a lesser extent than wine itself.

If anyone has full access to this article it would be interesting to put it into perspective to point two of the (currently) accepted answer.

This paper, based on a questionnaire on dietary habits and serum analyses for for Helicobacter pylori immunoglobulin G antibodies (1'785 participants), comes to the conclusion that

[t]here was a clear inverse dose-response-relation between reported alcohol consumption and H. pylori infection.

[Also here, only the abstract is accessible.]

There is another paper describing the effect of alcohol consumption on a Salmonella outbreak in Spain. The sample size is relatively small (90 people), but the data suggests that

[t]here was a protective effect of alcohol that was stronger among the people who drank more than 40 gm of alcohol.

From the first principles:

The most sensitive to alcohol part of the human body is it's nervous system. Worms have much simpler (in both biochemistry and organization) nervous system, so they will probably suffer less from a generic poison that the alcohol is.

OTOH, you can easily find a substance that is WAY more toxic to the worms than to yourself. Up to and including being safe to be given to minors and reproducibly killing all the worms. Just ask the nearest pharmaceut.

p.s. in the same sense, alcohol is killing bacteries, but you cannot cure pneumonia by drinking, no matter what heavy drinkers assert.

Prevention & Control

Baylisascaris infection can be prevented by avoiding contact with raccoons and their feces. Washing your hands after working or playing outdoors is good practice for preventing a number of diseases.

Do not keep, feed, or adopt wild animals, including raccoons, as pets. Infection rarely causes symptoms in raccoons, so you cannot tell if a raccoon is infected by observing its behavior. Roundworm eggs passed in the feces of infected raccoons are not visible to the naked eye. Eggs can only be seen using a microscope.

Raccoons may use sandboxes as a latrine. Keep sandboxes covered when not in use.

You may discourage raccoons from living in and around your home or parks by taking the following steps:

  • Prevent access to food
  • Keep trash containers tightly closed
  • Close off access to attics and basements
  • Keep sandboxes covered when not in use (raccoons may use sandboxes as a latrine)
  • Remove fish ponds &mdash they eat the fish and drink the water
  • Eliminate water sources
  • Remove bird feeders
  • Clear brush so raccoons are not likely to make a den on your property

Stay away from areas and materials that might be contaminated by raccoon feces. Raccoons typically defecate at the base of or in raised forks of trees, or on raised horizontal surfaces such as fallen logs, stumps, or large rocks. Raccoon feces can also be found on woodpiles, decks, rooftops, and in attics, garages, and haylofts. Feces usually are dark and tubular, have a pungent odor (usually worse than dog or cat feces), and often contain undigested seeds or other food items.

If you have found a raccoon latrine near your home, cleaning the area may prevent possible infection. Newly deposited eggs take at least 2-4 weeks to become infective. Prompt removal and destruction of raccoon feces will reduce risk for exposure and possible infection.

More on: Raccoon Latrine Clean-up Cdc-pdf [PDF, 111 KB, 1 page]

A racccoon latrine found in an attic. Courtesy of Dr. Shira Shafir.

If you choose to clean the site yourself, care should be taken to avoid contaminating hands and clothes.

  • Wear disposable gloves to help prevent cross contamination.
  • Wear a N95-rated respirator if working in a confined space to prevent accidental ingestion of eggs or other harmful materials.
  • Avoid stirring up dust and debris- you can lightly mist the latrine area with water from a spray bottle to reduce the amount of dust.
  • Wear rubber boots that can be scrubbed or cover your shoes with disposable booties that can be thrown away, so that you do not bring eggs into your household.
  • Feces and material contaminated with raccoon feces should be removed and burned, buried, or sent to a landfill.
  • Most chemicals do not kill roundworm eggs however, heat kills the eggs instantly.
  • Treat feces-soiled decks, patios, and other surfaces with boiling water or a propane torch (please contact your local fire department for regulations and safety practices).

To help further reduce the risk of possible infection, wash your hands well with soap and warm running water. Clean/launder your clothes thoroughly with hot water and detergent.

If you are cleaning an indoor raccoon latrine and are not able to use a propane torch, use a damp (but not wet) sponge to wipe the area with hot soapy water. Rinse your sponge frequently. After you are finished, flush dirty water down the toilet. Place the sponge in a plastic bag and put the plastic bag in the garbage.

Contact your local animal control office for additional assistance.

Dogs may be infected with adult B. procyonis roundworms but may not show symptoms. Have all pets de-wormed under a veterinarian&rsquos supervision and take precautions to avoid contact with their feces.

Exotic pets

Raccoons and dogs are not the only hosts of Baylisascaris. B. procyonis infection has also been documented in kinkajous. Other animals such as coatis may be susceptible. When wild animals are kept as pets, there can be a risk of disease transmission to humans.

How to Tell If You Have Intestinal Parasites and What to Do About That

There is a misconception that intestinal parasites only exist in underdeveloped countries. Indeed they are more common there, but they are much more common than you think in developed countries as well. It’s not a very nice thought to know that you are a host to a colony of intestinal parasites, but you are not alone. According to the World Health Organization you are one of more that 3 billion people who suffer from some type of intestinal parasites, and not all these people live in undeveloped and poor countries.

What are intestinal parasites?

Parasites in general are classified into many groups, but the two main types of intestinal parasites are helminths and protozoa. Helminths are worms with many cells that cannot multiply in the human body, such as tapeworms, pinworms, and roundworms. Protozoa, on the other hand, have only one cell and can multiply inside the human body and can cause serious infections.

How do you get intestinal parasites?

Intestinal parasites are usually transmitted when a person comes in contact with infected feces (for example, through contaminated soil, food or water). There are other things that can increase your risk for getting intestinal parasites, such as visiting an area known to have parasites, poor hygiene and sanitation (for both food and water), having a weak immune system, handling animals and age factor (children and the elderly are more likely to get infected). Once you are infected with parasites, it is contagious and can be easily passed to other people.

Why are intestinal parasites dangerous?

As the name of parasites suggests, they live inside us and feed off us. In places with high hygiene levels parasites don’t cause a great threat, but in poor countries and places where hygiene is low and sanitary conditions are poor, parasites can pose a real life threat. When our intestines become a host to parasites, even the high levels of acid in the digestive tract cannot protect our body, so our body tries to defend itself through our immune system, and the gut can become inflamed.

The intestinal parasites prevent from the food we eat to be absorbed properly by the body and release toxins into the bloodstream and lymphatic system. Severe infections can cause a bowel obstruction when your intestine is partly or completely blocked. The blockage prevents food, fluids, and gas from moving through the intestines in the normal way. Severe infestation can also cause anemia as it can cause bleeding in the intestines.

The problem is that because there are so many types of parasites, they may cause a wide range of symptoms, and only a few of them are actually digestive in nature. So if you have tried various treatments to relieve your symptoms without success, you may have intestinal parasites that can be the hidden cause of many unresolved health issues you have.

Key symptoms of a parasite infection in the body

1. Excessive food cravings or alternatively loss of appetite
2. Weight loss
3. Stomach pain
4. Constipation, diarrhea, gas, or other symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
5. Blood sugar fluctuations
6. Skin disorders, such as acute itching or pain around the rectum and other body parts, rashes or other skin irritations
7. Anxiety and depression
8. Sleep disorders
9. pain or aching muscles or joints
10. Fatigue and exhaustion
11. Iron-deficiency or anemia
12. Immune disorders with excessive number of bacterial, fungal or viral infections
13. Diminished libido
14. Bloody stools or light colored stool
15. Nausea or vomiting
16. White specks in stool
17. Sulfur burps

How to treat intestinal parasites

The treatment for getting rid of intestinal parasitic infections can be done through conventional medication or through the use of alternative medical treatments.

Conventional medicine

If you suspect you have intestinal parasites, your doctor will be able to do a stool test to confirm it and use prescription medication that is most effective against your intestinal parasite.

Alternative Medicine

1. Herbs – some of the more commonly prescribed herbal treatments include: garlic, goldenseal, barbery, anise, Oregon grape, wormwood, wormseed, black walnuts, curled mint, cloves, oregano, thyme and olive leaf. Consult a physician before taking any anti-parasite herbal supplement. You can learn how to use Herbal Medicine effectively to heal away disease & illnesses in my e-book The Herbal Remedies Guide.

2. Supplements – consult a physician before taking any supplements to make sure they don’t interfere with current medication you take.

Probiotics (Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacilus plantarum, Saccharomyces boulardii, and bifidobacteria help keep your digestive tract healthy and this discourages parasites. I have already written in the past about the 9 reasons to take probiotics and why they are so good for your health.

Digestive enzymes help to restore your intestinal tract to its normal state, which makes it inhospitable to parasites. Papain is an enzyme from the papaya plant that may help kill worms when taken 30 minutes before or after meals. Papain is also one of the main ingredients in my Digestive Enzyme Detox Smoothie.
Vitamin C – supports the immune system.
Zinc – supports the immune system as well and also used to heal stomach ulcers.

3. Homeopathic treatments – homeopathic remedies for parasite infections may include: Cina Indigo Spigelia Podophyllum Cuprum oxidatum nigrum Teucrium Sabadilla Stanum.

4. Diet – A diet rich in raw garlic, pumpkin seeds, papaya seeds, pineapple, carrots, beets and pomegranates can help to kill parasites.
– In one study, researchers found that a mixture of honey and papaya seeds with plenty of water are good to flush the system.
– Consuming more fiber may helps the body get rid of worms.
– Avoid simple carbohydrates, such as refined foods, sweetened juices and sugars.
– Drink plenty of water to aid fecal elimination.
– Temporarily avoid coffee and alcohol.
– Consume foods rich in beta carotene, a precursor for vitamin A, such as carrots, sweet potatoes and squash. Vitamin A is thought to increase resistance to the parasites.
– Add spices such as turmeric and cloves that can help fight parasites.

5. Intestinal cleansing – This is a popular alternative approach that involves the use of a high fiber diet and supplements such as psyllium husks, citrus pectin, papaya extract, bentonite clay, activated charcoal, pumpkin seeds, beet root and flaxseed. If you are interested in detoxifying your body, you can find more useful information in my e-book The Detox Guide. This guide will teach you how to cleanse and energize your body, increase stamina and improve your body’s digestive process.

6. Food grade diatomaceous earth (DE) – Food grade diatomaceous earth is also a natural and effective way to eliminate internal parasites. A study published in the Journal of Poultry Science found that DE has the potential to be an effective treatment to help control parasites. Some people like to take a mixture of clove oil and wormwood along with food grade diatomaceous earth to kill intestinal parasites. When buying diatomaceous earth, be sure to look for a brand that is food grade, meaning that it is safe to ingest.

Preventing infection

We’ve already mentioned that parasite infections is very contagious. You can easily pass parasites eggs onto anything or anyone you touch. Therefore it is important to wash your hands and maintain good hygiene habits to reduce the chances of further transmission. Wash your hands after going to the restroom and before eating or preparing food. If you travel overseas, pay attention to the quality of drinking water and the hygiene of the food you consume and wash fruits and vegetables well.

54 Responses to How to Tell If You Have Intestinal Parasites and What to Do About That

A very interesting article but suddenly when I saw this: 𔄛. Homeopathic treatments” I dropped you like a hot rock! When you employ pseudo-science without disparaging remarks many folk will seek the comfort of this totally useless junk known as “Homeopathic Treatments” and avoid conventional medical care backed by evidence of effectiveness. Homeopathic Treatments fare no better than placebo or nocebo treatments.

The fact that homeopathic treatments haven’t been researched doesn’t mean they are not effective. Generally speaking, many alternative treatments have not been scientifically proven because lack of interest from the drug companies that don’t want to promote them from obvious reasons. The fact is that sometimes conventional medicine (which I greatly appreciate and also use) is unable to treat certain health issues and many people do find relief in alternative medicine that haven’t been (still) scientifically proven.

The reason the drug companies won’t get involved with almost all of the homeopathic drug treatments is b/c they’re unable to be scientifically cleared in experiments or show very poor/negative results. They are considered more of a mental treatment- placebo drugs and the FDA requires scientific proof in order to get FDA approval. Since they’re not able to get FDA approval most Drug Companies gave little interest in marketing the next “Gimmick” food grade, homeopathic “fad” drug- that showed poor to little results in an experiment when compared to its placebo drug. Especially with all the quick buck diet pills, energy boosters, and miracle meds coming on the market that just can’t seem to get FDA approval, but are AMAZING and 100% effective and safe…. :/

homeopathic heals, where Big Pharma kills. They don’t want us on it because we will get better, than that would put out Doctors who shake hands with the Devil aka Big Pharma-EVIL. Homeopathic has been around longer than western medicine, it heals from the inside out, where western medicine just puts band-aids on us. So for anyone to not educate themselves, keep going to your doc. he’ll put you on as many meds to create a revolving door of fat cash to pay for all his toys. I’m not saying that all medicine is bad, but the majority is. AND, stupid, just because the FDA approved it, doesn’t mean a thing. Ignorant people make me laugh. Peace out.

My grandmother took a pharmaceutical drug, approved by the FDA, for bone density growth. Well, instead of making her bones stronger, the drug made her bones hollow like bamboo shoots…

She would never have known until she was getting into bed and SNAP went her femur, and as she was falling, SNAP went her other femur. Two rods later, she doing better than most, but finds it painful to care for 5 acres of land..

Did I mention that it was approved by the FDA?

My point is, that in my personal experiences whether approved by this person or that person, we should research and evaluate anything we put into our body and use on a daily basis. What is good for one,may not be good for another.

Do you really think those are the reasons pharma companies don’t want to get involved in natural treatment, or is the profit motive just a bit more likely? It is next to impossible for FDA to make such substances as garlic, papaya seeds etc. into prescription drugs and if they succeeded people would buy them elsewhere rather then go through the usual C.F. of doctors visits and getting scripts written and all the rest. It seems obvious to me although I’m not saying you could be right.

The reason they haven’t been proven because FDA can’t regulate things that grow naturally. Most things we consider weeds are actually medicines. Take for instance red top clover, grows all over, read what all red top clover is good for. I prefer more natural, GOD gave it to us for a reason. FDA will give you crap that is for one thing but cause 10 other health issues. The FDA stays in business as long as people stay sick, if they heal themselves naturally then they will no longer be in business

The Royal Family in England has a Homeopath.

Where you think most meds are deprived from? Please do the research before making such a blanket statement.

Pharmaceuticals are mostly petroleum derived. They can synthesize a natural substance and alter it slightly so it is patentable. When they alter it they will say it’s better than the natural substance, to justify the alteration.

you mean to say “derived” from. Saying “deprived” from means the opposite, that most meds do not come from natural sources.

I would rather use nature and natural products than chemicals put together in a lab.

Where do you think chemicals come from?? Do you think a genie comes and poof! I hate when people say I like “natural” stuff, from nature. First of all, natural means nature made products…. we got it. Secondly everything is derived from Earth in some way shape and form. In particular though, chemicals are found in nature and combined in labs to make compound chemical/chemical mixtures.

There is a HUGE difference between a natural substance from the earth, such as an herb, and a substance manufactured in a lab using some tiny, minute essence of the natural derivative. The chemicals in our food and medicines are anything but natural. Our bodies don’t even begin to process them in the same way. The healing properties of plants are, for the most part, bioavailable to our bodies. Substances manufactured in a lab are definitely not.

Many pharmaceuticals are derived from natural plants. the problem occurs when these healing compounds are concentrated and isolated into a pure form. That is where the harshness and side effects come into play. In nature these compounds are also present but in milder form, meaning they heal more gently without the damaging reactions the concentrations create. One example is white willow bark, which yields the concentrated salicin of aspirin. White willow is safer than aspirin but at its core is the same substance, just in milder form. It takes longer for the pain relieving effects to occur but you lose the dangerous side effects as well. The same is true of many other drugs, and more and more people are using the natural form to get relief more safely.

hahaha…well there goes mother nature at her finest!!
Dig into your roots bredren… will learn much and go far.

Do your research. Almost if not all conventional drugs use natural substances found in nature. But conventional drugs are mixed with man made synthetic substances that are highly toxic (poisonous). Natural substance can be, but need to explore have experience the dosage to be used. Chinese have recorded like many other cultures on past experience on how to use things found in nature. The USA is the only country that does not give two shits about us. Wants us nearly dead. That is how these top industries wants us in order to rack up $$$. Sad but true. Why do you think they don’t know crap about proven natural medicines that has been proven for thousands of years? If this wasn’t true than as a human civilization would have been wiped out already. Keep in mind, other countries even their governments are refusing garbage foods for their people. Right now as we speak Russia as other countries have banned GMOs. It is very logical when you research why MONSANTO is doing to us and for what purposes. And why USA government accepts this crap they feed us. OUR SOCIETY is very ignorant about nutrition and is and will be suffering greatly with their health. Why sooo much illness and disease? Cancer on the rise dramatically? Our children are now being practically born with cancers? And heard in another 5 years will increase horrendously? My dear fellow patriots. Wake up, our new generations don’t know nothing about nutrition. I grew up hearing that their dinners came from opening up cans of vegetables, fruits and meats like spam, etc. And TV dinners!

Ignorance breeds ignorance. You need to educate yourself on homeopathic and natural medicine. Either you are ignorant, or you are a high level executive at a drug manufacturing company pushing destructive chemicals on humans. Today’s chemical medicines are not made to “cure” anything. All they do is “maintain” or “mask” symptoms, all the while causing another health problem in the body. I know I worked in the pharmaceutical industry. I saw what is done only in the name of “major profit”.

Your loss!!LOL what do you know about Homeopathy? have your researched it? on what basis do you junk it. ‘useless junk’ You come across as a dumb creature.

Homeopathic.. pseudo science..

Medicine has been “Homeopathic” since it began..

Mocking Homeopathic Medicine is simply mindless. The AMA represents but one medical discipline, Ayurvedic.. Chinese Herbalism. Acupuncture.. The list is quote long. There has never been an in depth system wide scientific analysis of the effectiveness of one medical discipline over the other and that study would have to drill down to specific treatments for specific illnesses to have any validity..

AMA and Western Pharmacology are but one route to health certainly not the only one nor the only effective one..

I have a spastic colon, what can I use

Spastic colon is another term for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Please refer to my article in this subject –

This article is educative,i work where diarrhea is common and ave been practising some.

diatomacious earth 2 tablespoons with water the sharp points and edges of microscopic diatoms slice the parasites apart and they are eliminated. also you get a good dose of silica. not medical advice just what works. same as any other free advice.

Important not to use the diatomaceous earth that’s used in pool filters, as this one is poisonous. Instead use food grade ” fossil flour”

diatomacious earth? is that bentonite?

No, it’s not the same. The first substance (DE) is a natural substance made up of the powdered remains of fossilized algae and is used among other things as a natural insecticide. There is DE which is food grade that can be taken orally to for detox purposes. Bentonite clay usually forms from weathering of volcanic ash, most often in the presence of water. Bentonite clay has some antibacterial properties that help to combat acne conditions and is a powerful detox agent. You can read more about clay and types of clay in my article how to use clay for body detox and grate skin –

Make sure it is FOOD GRADE Diatomacious Earth (DE). I have found it works well for internal parasites. However, I’ve read that processed pool grade DE can kill you, and you don’t want to ingest the non-toxic garden DE pesticide either. Also, whatever will slice up crawling bugs in your garden and parasites in your gut can’t be that friendly for the very delicate tissues in your lungs. Don’t let it get airborne. Never, ever, Ever, EVER put it under your carpets or in your bed to get rid of bed bugs etc. The particles are sooooo small that your vacuum cleaner will just spit them out the other end – even HEPA filters won’t get all the particles – but your lungs will! You do NOT want to inhale DE, whether it contains silica or not. Again, not medical advice, just common sense.

Is this stuff available at local markets?

Supplements, herbs and homeopathic remedies are available at health stores or online. More common supplements can be found in local supermarkets.

Thanks, very educative and useful.

Try Aloe Ferox Bitter Crystals or Fabulous Fibre Bitters. Both are anti parasitic, anti inflammatory and anti viral and will help eliminate parasites.

Where can you get these items from,thx

hi. my daughter is complening stomch pain after drinking milk always. Is there matter of worring please reply me thanks

It might be that your daughter is lactose sensitive. Talk to your doctor about it so he/she can check it out.

If she is lactose intolerant like me

She may also be allergic or sensitive to the milk protein casein. Anything with milk will have it, but sometimes it’s just listed as casein or casenate. Dp a cleanse for a little while, but strictly avoid this over 6 month to be sure existing traces are flushed from the body and observe any positive or negative changes. She may loose weight, have better hormonal balance, eliminate stomach pain, help bowel movements, and probably resolve seemingly unrelated issues. Not medical advice, just offering my personal experience. Check for gluten sensitivity as we’ll. good luck!

all this sounds like menopaus symptoms?

There’s no need to go to a conventional doctor who, if he even knows about non third world caught parasites, will just give you pharmaceutical drugs. Taking a mixture of clove oil and wormwood along with food grade diatomaceous earth will leave no parasites alive. Everyone who has a pet is exposed to parasites. Do your research on diatomaceous earth and you’ll want to take it for it’s many benefits besides parasite shredding.
Except in the case of traumatic injury, conventional medicine should always be your last resort.

Marie when you say this mixture leaves ‘no parasites’ alive does that mean ALL parasites or just intestinal parasites? also what is the measurement for the mixture of clove oil wormwood and diatomaceous earth please? thanks in advance

“Conventional medicine should be a last resort always”. REALLY?? WOW! That has to be one of the most ignorant comments I have ever read. Unless you are a Doctor of Medicine and spent 8 years in college getting your doctoral degree, then another 6 years or more as a resident practicing medicine, than your knowledge of the human body, diseases, and general health is INFERIOR to theirs. Trying to diagnose and treat yourself from a health issues is a great way to make yourself sick from possibly unnecessary treatments or to possibly misdiagnose yourself and in the process you leave the real medical issue unattended/treated to get worse. Trying to be a doctor yourself without having the knowledge or skills is how you get yourself or others sick. Doing research online and believing whatever you read is does not qualify you to advise others on their medical treatments and diagnosis. If someone is naive enough to ask and listen to someone online giving treatment advise without a medical degree or experience, and that person states that conventional medicine should be a last resort, then that’s on them.
I also find it quite amusing that you state everyone who has a pet has been exposed to parasites. Not all pets have parasites if vaccinated as kitten/puppies and kept up to date, also most of the parasites that live in or on your pets do not or cannot cross species to live inside a human, so even if you were exposed for example to a heartworm, you’re not going to get heartworms. That statement was overall naive in the fact, we are all exposed to parasites repeatedly throughout our life. We are often protected and do not contract them b/c of our antibacterial soaps, handwashing, cleaning products, hand sanitizers, and other protections we take to avoid the spread of germs and infections.
Jo, Marie is not a doctor and could not possibly tell you if that kills ALL, parasites as I doubt she knows every single one. After all that’s what a DOCTOR is for. I am not saying there is any harm in trying her mixture, but if your or the person experience medical problems does not experience any relief, symptoms get worse or new symptoms appear- you should contact your physician’s office immediately or go to the ER/Call 911. There can be an underline cause for the symptoms you were unaware of and left untreated, you may become ill.

Well if I would have listened to a naturopathic doctor years ago, I would not be in the shape I’m in. I had Graves disease and was told that RAI was my only resort to heal my thyroid. I now have no thyroid and was put on synthroid for 16 years and suffered with at least 20 different health issues because of RAI and Synthroid. If I would have just used iodine for my thyroid I would have gotten better. If Dr’s would have treated my thyroid after RAI with NDT I could have been living a almost normal life for the last 16 years. But now I am feeling so much better that I found a naturopathic Dr who is treating me with NDT. And you know what, my problems are starting to get better and I don’t feel as bad.

Why are you such a jerk? People aren’t on here for Sherry, in my opinion you are a person that gets off on bashing others for their opinions. You don’t personally know these people to have such strong language about their posts. But I surely can tell from your ignorant post what type of person you are, so you should go finish destroying your love ones life and leave people alone for their opinions because frankly your mindset isn’t conventional or natural, you just like downing others. So you have a nice and miserable life with your negativity.

And p.s. no one asked you for your input or your ignorance.

A doctor only has knowledge of what they are taught, for example they have no knowledge of chinese medicine, yet chinese medicine has been effective in china for years, they will have very little knowledge of acupuncture, yet acupuncture has been shown to be effective, and doctors often have very basic knowledge of nutrition, yet it has been proven that correct nutrition can prevent many health problems from occurring in the first place, which is far better than getting ill and taking pharmaceuticals, I know this myself because I am qualified in nutrition. You are being extremely naive to think western doctors are the be all and end all of health matters, especially when Japan, the country with the longest life expectancy in the world uses methods which western doctors have no knowledge of whatsoever.

Yes! Conventional medicine should hardly ever be used. Everytime you turn on the TV you constantly see law firms wanting you to sue due to deaths or physical…. Damages due to our prescious poisonous drug industry!! You wouldn’t get sick in the first place if you ate what God has created for us to eat. For thousands of years humans survived using earth remedies, natural foods found in nature. Honestly, please use your brains. Think! I honestly am so tired of people who can’t think rationally. Or do research on their own. Don’t you know that the drug industry uses natural substances found in nature and mix it with man made substances! Which poisonous. Than we have to call a law firm to sue. Even most of our vitamins are man made synthetics and our raw foods are GMOs that even Russia Government is banning GMOs in their country? Do research please!

It has to be a comprehensive stool test. The regular test will miss it! The parasites if dead in stool are missed. Only one percent of all stool samples caught parasites. Also there is a parasite that’s called Draco archon that is spreading like wild fire. It’s in your blood and brain causing all sorts of mental and physical problems. And the government knows this just don’t want people to panic.

Thank you for this info. Like so many others, I can’t afford insurance or a doctor.

every single american has parasites. unless your vegan and have been detoxifying. underdeveloped countries have parasites from hygiene issues. america and “developed” places have parasites because it is made in the gut from bad food. junk food. food made with stuff our bodies cannot digest. the same way maggots grow on organic matter when left alone in a humid area is comparable to what happens inside of us. if y=our body cannot digest it, then it sits there, always poisoning us. this is why humans were born vegan. eating animals is the worst. we cannot and are not built to digest meat. overtime your flora dies cause the ignorant abuse not because of old age or whatever myth you all want to swallow. physically remove the crap you cannot digest with a gentle natural colonix program from drnatura while going vegan the right way. then sit back and get ready to get rid of all your health problems. trust me i would know… i wouldnt be here now if it wasnt for what i have learned about the truth of humans. its all in the food. watch what the health on netflix or for free on youre very welcome

I have read all the comments and have tried everything. Docters could not detect any parasites because there is a major flaw in the method.

I do not know if this flaw that exists within all the Medical Industries of the world is intentional however it is suspicious that the failed method has existed for years without it being addressed.

However i having said this Anti Parasitics from Big Pharma is definitely the most effective way of treating these pests.

Homeopathic remedies such as, DE Earth, CLoves, Bentonite Clay, Activated Charcole Origano, Garlic, Woodworm take a very very long time to fix the problem and that is if you are lucky.

Turpentine is prob the best alt remedy one can use however again it is a hit and miss.

I speak from Years of experiance and Research.

very true. 10 years ago, i came in for migraine, i was prescribed, anti depressant and pain killers, for the last ten years, i was diagnosed with lupus, RA, chronic back pain, depression (morepills) i have taken so many pills, i became addicted to pills until one day my kids pointed out to me that the meds is making me sick. One day i was grocery shopping, when a lady saw holding my stomach because it was hurting, it turns out shes a natural homeopathic doctor, i followed her to her office and diagnosed me with leaky gut (from taking medications the lining of intestine was infammed) and parasite. Even if i change my diet to healthy, workout, parasite still inside me killing me little by little. I did colon cleanse, follow by para cleanse which im on my 6th months. its crazy parasites still coming out of me after 6 months, and all from natural herbs. So yes, pharms kills, natural lives longer.


“Tape worms: Taenias - fish tapeworm, beef tapeworm, and pork tapeworm. Obtained from eating raw or undercooked, infected meat. Adult worms can reach a length of more than 15 feet. Pork tapeworms can enter the brain and cause seizures. Fish tapeworms can produce over one million eggs per day. It can grow up to 33 feet. This worm is normally half an inch long, and is usually white/grey in color.

White worms: They come in all sizes, from tiny pinworms to those that look like spaghetti or angel hair pasta.

Red worms: These look just like earthworms. They exude from the colon wrapped in balls. They can reach up to 6 inches long.

Inch worms: These are thick (pencil size), black and bumpy, and about 2 inches long.

Black worms: These are 10 - 12 inches in length and leave the colon wrapped in 'yellow acid water'. They nest deep in the impacted colon wall.

Pin worms: Tiny parasites that wiggle out of the anus cavity. They have the appearance of white rice and are about 3/4 inch long and are thicker than white worms.

Hook worms: Curved parasites about six inches long, and grayish. Infestation is as high as 50% worldwide. Hookworms grip the intestinal wall and suck blood.

Thread worms: Cream-colored parasites as thin as a thread. They often come out by the hundreds.

Stickpin worms: One inch long and a head like a pea, perfectly round, small ones are white, adults are black.

'Little fish': Fish-type parasites with heads and tails that swim out of the colon in schools. They average about 1/2 inch long.

'Fuzz balls': Round parasites with fur on them. About 1/4 - 3/4 inch diameter, yellow in color.

'Spiders': Has an appearance similar to that of a spider and are colored brown often 1 inch long.” [4]

Pinworms can cause severe anal itching (especially at night, because the worms tend to migrate outside the anus to lay eggs) insomnia and restlessness.

Hookworms can cause itching on the soles of the feet, and in some instances bloody sputum, fever, rash, and loss of appetite.

Threadworms can cause coughing or bronchitis, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and gas, preceded by tiny red abrasions that sometime itch.

Small tapeworms can cause weight and appetite loss, and abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Large tapeworms can cause similar symptoms, usually without the weight loss. Tapeworms are worthy of particular notice in part because of the size to which they can grow within a human host. “The fish tapeworm is a broad, long worm, often growing to lengths of 3-7 feet at maturity and capable of attaining 30 feet. It is the longest tapeworm invading humans with as many as 4,000 segments (proglottids). The main body of the worm is virtually filled with male and female reproductive organs allowing it to produce an incredible number of eggs, often more than 1,000,000 a day. The adult attaches to the wall of the intestine with the aid of two sucking grooves located in its head (scolex).” [5]

“The adult is ivory or grayish-yellow in color and can live in humans for 20 years. Humans are the final host of this worm, but first it must pass through a tiny freshwater crustacean, and then to a fish…The larva that infects people, a 'plerocercoid', is frequently found in the intestines of freshwater and marine fish. It is sometimes found in the flesh of freshwater fish or in fish that are migrating from salt waters to fresh water for breeding. You can be infected by eating raw, lightly cooked,… freshwater or certain migratory species of salmon, perch, pike, pickerel, and turbot. The popularity of eating raw fish dishes, such as Japanese sushi and sashimi, helps to spread this disease….Some people are constantly hungry because the tapeworms are eating most of the food. There are times when the worm gets so large that it will cause a colon blockage. In some people a severe anemia may develop, because of this tapeworm's ability to consume most of its host's vitamin B12. Folate may be reduced as well. With the anemia that results, neurological symptoms can manifest including numbness, loss of vibration sense, and even some eye symptoms.” [6]

According to the, Natural Remedies Encyclopedia, the pork tapeworm and the beef tapeworm are more common than the fish tapeworm. “Pork is an extremely dangerous food to eat. The larvae of pork tapeworm frequently burrow through the intestinal wall and travel around the body in the blood. Epilepsy and , if they infect the eyes, blindness may result”. [7]


There are four pathways that we can be infected: 1) Via food or water which are sources of the roundworm, amoebae, giardia.

2) Via a vector - mosquito carrier of dog heartworm, filaria, malaria flea is a carrier of dog tapeworm common housefly transmits amebic cysts sand fly carries leishmaniasis.

3) Via sexual contact where partners can transmit trichomonas, giardia, amoebae.

4) Through the nose and skin where pinworm eggs and Toxoplasma gondii can be inhaled from contaminated dust, hookworms, schistosomes, and strongyloides can penetrate exposed skin and bare feet.

"Another parasitic pathway is the airplane. Extensive foreign travel has exposed people to a whole gamut of exotic diseases never before encountered in their homeland." Guess What Came to Dinner by Louise Gittleman, pg. 22. [8]

Dr. James Balch M.D., and Phyllis A. Balch, CNC note : “Worm infestations can range from mild to severe, even life threatening, particularly in children. They result in poor absorption of essential nutrients, and in some cases, loss of blood from the gastrointestinal tract…Malabsorption resulting from parasitic infection makes one susceptible to many diseases because it results in

Diminished immune function…Parisites are more common than most people suppose and they can be behind many illnesses, including colon disorders…They… are common in people with AIDS chronic fatigue syndrome, candidiasis, and many other disorders” [9] .


The are some very helpful foods as well as herbs for worm infestation.

Aloe Vera taken in any form is very effective in eliminating worms.

Other herbs that help expel worms are cascara sagrada, wormwood, cloves, Echinacea, goldenseal, burdock, and black walnut to name a few.

Grapefruit seed extract is also helpful in destroying parasites. According to the, Natural Remedies Encyclopedia, one can “Take black walnut extract and chaparral tea or tablets, eat pumpkin seeds and figs. Also drink fig juice…A hot-water enema, with 3 tsp.of salt to a quart of water, may get rid of pinworms…The Japanese use ginger to get rid of worms. Research has shown this to be true.” [10]

One notable solution is Diatomaceous Earth. By taking these capsules for three weeks, you can rid yourself of worms. The worms eat it and it causes them to disintegrate.

Garlic has been used effectively for pinworms, roundworms, giardia (an amoeba), as well as other parasitic infections.

Finally according to Dr. Huldah Clark, as I mentioned in Volume 4 of this Journal: “Getting rid of all parasites would be absolutely impossible using clinical medicines that can kill only one or two parasites each. Such medicines also tend to make you quite ill. Imagine taking 10 such drugs to kill a dozen of your parasites! Good news, perhaps, for the drug makers but not for you. Yet three herbs can rid you of over 100 types of parasites! And without so much as a headache! Without nausea! Without any interference with any drug that you are already on! Does this sound too fantastic? Just too good to be true? They are natures gift to us.

The Life Tree
Box 1329
Smiths, Alabama, 36877 USA
866-448-1789 | 334-448-1789

  • The herbs are: Black Walnut Hulls (from the black walnut tree)
  • Wormwood (from the Artemisia shrub)
  • Common Cloves (from the clove tree) Cloves kill the eggs

These three herbs must be used together. Black walnut hull and wormwood kill adults and developmental stages of at least 100 parasites. Cloves kill the eggs. Only if you use them together will you rid yourself of parasites. If you kill only the adults, the tiny stages and eggs will soon grow into new adults. If you kill only the eggs, the million stages already loose in your body will soon grow into adults and make more eggs. They must be used together as a single treatment .” [11]

  1. I am taking Flor Essence (2 ounces in a coffee cup with heated (not too hot) distilled water, morning and evening.
  2. I am taking1 Cayenne capsule Dr Christopher brand - I like his best - I have tried other brands of cayenne capsules and did not care for them.
  3. I chopped up 4 cloves of "hot" garlic (hot simply means that it had green sprouting out of the top - that it was still "alive" and had not "died"), I chopped them up into small dices of garlic and put them in my hand, then my mouth and swallowed them in two batches like small pills. Drank distilled water - and it worked, did not leave a "bad taste" in my mouth either. they only sat in my mouth a second before I washed them down with distilled water.

Black Walnut - American Cancer Society:

black walnut hulls , wormwood, and cloves will kill the cancer-causing parasites

I found this on

: >>Herbal Parasite Cleanse and Detox with Wormwood, Black Walnut, Garlic, Cloves , Pau D'arco and more- An Effective, Natural Parasite and Worm Formula to Promote Intestinal Health and Safely, Gently Remove Unwanted Visitors from your Digestive Tract >> ParaZyte Parasite Cleanse - Parasite Detox - Natural Herbal Cleanse - Formulated With Wormwood, Black Walnut Hull, Pau D' Arco, Cranberry, Garlic, Apple Pectin, Carrot Juice Powder, Papaya, Wood Betany, Butternut Bark, and Six More Important Nutrients

Bulk Herb Store - Articles - Wormwood , Black Walnut and Cloves . Now Foods Fresh Green Black Walnut Wormwood .

Parasites Cleanse, different programs for cleansing parasites

Clarkia parasite cleansing tincture, black walnut , wormwood , cloves

Black Walnut - American Cancer Society

Parasite cleansing - FalconBlanco

Parasite Cleanse - Shop Tools For Healing

Getting The Bugs Out - Dr. Janet Starr Hull , PhD, CN

Wormwood , Black walnut green hull extract, clove oil, olive leaf .

Clarkia Info - , parasite cleansing, RBC Herbal, Inc

Remember the foods that you eat have a large part to play in worm infestation. Even fruits and vegetables that have not been properly washed can lead to worm infestation. Eating meat of any kind almost guarantees parasite infestation.

The original diet given to Mankind in the Garden of Eden is still the optimal diet, and we would do well to follow the pattern given there. Many of the foods given there will even now rid the body of parasites, as well as prevent infestation, if eaten in place of many of the processed, and unhealthy foods eaten today. That original diet as given by the Creator reads as follows: “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed to you it shall be for meat.” An addition was added later, after mankind sinned, “thou shalt eat the herb of the field .” Genesis 1:29 3:18. Thus the eating of vegetables were added to mankind’s original diet to help compensate for some of that which we lost physically, and no doubt mentally, as a result of not obeying God’s instructions. So the totality of man’s Genesis diet today should be a wide variety of fruits, nuts, grains, and vegetables.

It has been my experience in working with people in health and in sickness, that this is the optimal diet hands down and if you would drastically reduce your chances of parasite infestation, and the potential problems associated with infestation, I would highly recommend that you adhere to this Genesis diet. God Bless.

Contact us if you would like further information with regard to rid yourself and/or your family members of parasites. [email protected]

Parasitic causes of Fat Gain

Stephanie Relfe, B.Sc.(Sydney)
June 18 , 201

You may be asking yourself "Why am I so hungry" - even when you've just eaten. I am going to show you how the reason for this is parasitic. And how this knowledge can help you to lose weight & fat.

This is a gross, horrible, very tough subject to talk about. It makes most people feel squeamish, and I am one of them. But, please, be brave and read on, because this is a very important subject, not just for your weight but also for your health.

I knew from my own knowledge and observations that parasites cause weight gain. So it was nice to see my beliefs backed up in an article in “First” magazine. The heading was:

“Alert! Parasites are making up to 32% of women fat and tired!

The scientific community has made a breakthrough that could free millions of women from stubborn pounds. But chances are, you’ve never heard about it. That’s because few doctors are even ware that the problem exists in North America….

‘As many as 73% of infected people struggle with symptoms, yet they have no idea that a microscopic intruder is to blame. And since most doctors get little or no training in parasitology, they frequently overlook even the classic signs’ notes Ann Gittleman Ph.D.”

The article goes on to describe the main ways that parasites affect weight and health:

1. They block the absorption of nutrients (by inflaming the digestive tract).
2. They trigger yeast overgrowth (by hindering probiotics (good bacteria))
3. They acidify body systems. This damages organs and nerves. (Once again, anytime your body is not at peak efficiency, weight gain is likely). To make it worse, the body moves the acid into the fat cells. (This backs up what I said at the beginning: your body uses the fat cells as a place to dump extra toxins. The more toxins you have the more fat cells you need for rubbish dumps).
4. They slow down your organs. They do this by excreting waste products which your liver and kidneys have to deal with. (Therefore, the liver has less energy available for dealing with everyday toxins, and is more likely to dump them in fat cells).

The article then describes a 2-week cleanse that ‘makes weight loss effortless’, designed by Ann Gittleman Ph.D. ( She gives examples:

Catherine, 225 lb, lost 85 lb to go to 140 lb.
Georgia, 197 lb, lost 65 lb to go to 132 lb.
Shelly, 185 lb, lost 57 lb to go to 128 lb.

I know that parasites make a big difference because of what happened to me in around 1995. I used to be hungry a lot of the time. I probably ate more than most people. I could never miss meals. After 6pm, I would be ravenously hungry. If I did not eat dinner around this time, I would sometimes get quite emotional. Then that year, a new book came out – “The Cure for all Diseases”, by Dr Hulda Clark.

Dr Clark claims that we allhave a lot of parasites inside us. And that all diseases are caused by a parasite, plus a pollutant. Parasites are anything that live in our bodies, that do not help our bodies. These can be different worms, fungi, bacteria or viruses, in different areas of the body. Most are microscopic. Parasites take from the host, and give nothing in return. The pollutants that help the parasites to live in us are solvents (like cleaning fluids) and heavy metals (like mercury from dental fillings).

Clark also claims that it is relatively easily to kill the parasite and remove the pollutant. Her books have many case histories which are evidence to the truth of her findings.

Hulda Clark attended the University of Minnesota, studying biophysics and cell physiology, and received her Doctorate degree in physiology in 1958. In 1979 she left government funded research and began private consulting on a full time basis.

I reasoned that since I had grown up surrounded by animals – many cats and dogs, plus horses, chickens, guinea pigs and other animals - that it was quite possible that I had a lot of parasites inside me. The fact that just thinking about parasites inside me made me want to be physically sick was also an indication that there was something inside me that should not be there. (I believe that if you are feeling queasy right now, then YOU have parasites). So I went on her herbal parasite program, which consists of a herb called wormwood (it’s called that because it kills worms), black walnut tincture and ground cloves.

Amazingly, within days, my hunger decreased by about 2/3. For the first time in my life I was able to go to 9pm without eating and not get upset! (Not that I am recommending that. To keep slim, one should have an early dinner).
This made total sense. Parasites eat all the good nutrition – which makes our bodies crave food, to replace what was taken. They cause us to have malnutrition, even if we are very overweight.

And in addition, they release ammonia and other substances into our bodies as one of their waste products. This puts incredible chemical stress on our bodies, which damages our bodies and makes us want to ingest things to dilute this ammonia.

More and more people are coming to realize that Hulda Clark was correct in thinking that virtually all of us have some many different kinds of parasite inside us, even if we have never been around animals. Parasites are throughout our bodies, not just in the intestines. This should not be any surprise to us, because every farmer knows that his animals get worms, and he regularly gives them substances to kill off the worms. So why don’t humans? The eggs are in the air around us, and on objects like furniture. If you have ever had pets or other animals around you, then the chances of getting higher numbers of parasites, or even more species, increases dramatically.

In 1979 a British study reported on 600 former prisoners from World War II. These men had been stationed in the Far East. Thirty years after the war, 15% were still infected with a parasite called Strongyloides that they had contracted during the war. This means you could have eaten meat 10 years ago that was contaminated, and still be hosting the tapeworms or other types of parasites that were in that meat.

Despite their almost invisibility, small parasites can be extremely dangerous. Microscopic parasites can destroy calcium lining in your bones, eat the myecin lining off your nerve cells (causing breakdown of the brain-nerve connection) and even inhabit the liver, colon and other areas causing major discomforts and problems. The small parasites reproduce by duplicating themselves in a manner similar to bacteria or viral reproduction.

When we think of parasites, we tend to think that they make people thinner, because of all those pictures of starving Africans. But that happens only when people have virtually no food at all. In the developed nations, parasites are making people fatter. This is because the parasites are eating all a person’s good nutrition, and leaving the junk behind. That is causing massive malnutrition, which causes people to eat more, because the body must have the many different vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, protein and other substances to perform the thousands of different chemical reactions it needs to function properly.

In an earlier book, “The Cure for all cancers”, Clark found that in 100% of over 100 cases of cancer there was both an intestinal parasite and propyl alcohol in the liver. If people killed the intestinal parasite by a simple herbal program (`parasite cleansing') and removed the cause of the propyl alcohol, the cancer went away.

"For many years we have all believed that cancer is different from other diseases. We believed that cancer behaves like a fire, in that you can't stop it once it has started. Therefore, you have to cut it out or radiate it to death or chemically destroy every cancerous cell in the body since it can never become normal again. NOTHING COULD BE MORE WRONG! And we have believed that cancers of different types such as leukemia or breast cancer have different causes. Wrong again!

In this book you will see that all cancers are alike. They are all caused by a parasite. A single parasite! It is the human intestinal fluke. And if you kill this intestinal parasite, the cancer stops immediately. The tissue becomes normal again. In order to get cancer, you must have this parasite.

How can the human intestinal fluke cause cancer? This intestinal parasite typically lives in the intestine where it might do little harm, causing only colitis … or irritable bowel syndrome, or perhaps nothing at all. But if it invades a different organ, like the uterus or kidneys or liver, it does a great deal of harm. If it establishes itself in the liver, it causes cancer!

It only establishes itself in the liver in some people. These people have propyl alcohol in their bodies. All cancer patients (100%) have both propyl alcohol and the intestinal fluke in their livers. The solvent propyl alcohol is responsible for letting the fluke establish itself in the liver. In order to get cancer, you must have both the parasite and propyl alcohol in your body".

After describing fluke and how it gets into the liver, Hulda Clark writes

"Clearly you must do three things:

  • Kill the parasite and all its stages.
  • Stop letting propyl alcohol into your body.
  • Flush out the metal and common toxins from your body so you can get well.

We have been taught to believe that every parasite is so unique that a different drug is required to kill each one. The better drugs, such as PraziquantelTM and LevamisoleTM or even FlagylTM and PiperazineTM, can each kill several worm varieties. But this is just not practical when dozens of different parasites are present. We have dozens of different parasites in us! It would be best to kill them all together even though only the intestinal fluke is causing cancer.

Look at the case histories. It is not unusual for someone to have a dozen (or more) parasites out of the 120 parasites I have samples of. ..You can assume that you, too have a dozen different parasites". (Authors note - you are especially likely to have parasites if reading this is making you feel a little 'queasy').

"We are heavily parasitized beings! Our bodies are large enough to provide food and shelter for lots of these free loaders. If they were settled on the outside where we could see them, like lice or ticks, we would rid ourselves in a flash… But what about IN our flesh? We cannot see inside ourselves, so we mistakenly assume that nothing is there….

  • Eczema is due to roundworms.
  • Seizures are caused by a single roundworm, Ascaris, getting into the brain.
  • Schizophrenia and depression are caused by parasites in the brain. Asthma is caused by Ascaris in the lungs.
  • Diabetes is caused by the pancreatic fluke of cattle, Eurytrema.
  • Migraines are caused by the threadworm, Strongyloides.
  • Acne rosacea is caused by a Leishmaina.
  • Much human heart disease is caused by dog heartworm, Dirofilaria. And the list goes on.

Getting rid of all these parasites would be absolutely impossible using clinical medicines that can kill only one or two parasites each. Such medicines also tend to make you quite ill. FlagylTM is used for amoebas and Giardia when the correct dosage is used, it can cause extreme nausea and vomiting. Quinine for malaria is quite toxic. Imagine taking 10 such drugs to kill a dozen of your parasites! Good news, perhaps, for the drug makers but not for you.

Yet three herbs can rid you of over 100 types of parasites! And without so much as a headache! Without nausea! Without and interference with any drug that you are already on!…, The herbs are:

  • Black Walnut Hulls (from the black walnut tree - the green off the outside of black walnuts)
  • Wormwood (from the Artemesia shrub)
  • Common Cloves (from the clove tree)

These three herbs must be used together. Black walnut hull and wormwood kill adults and developmental stages of at least 100 parasites.

Only if you use them together will you rid yourself of parasites.

If you kill only the adults, the tiny stages and eggs will soon grow into new adults. If you kill only the eggs, the million stages already loose in your body will soon grow into adults and make more eggs. They must be used together as a single treatment." (Editor’s note: Extra herbs are required for tapeworm).

In the case of cancer, how does the fluke get from the intestines (where it is relatively harmless) into the liver? Hulda Clark believes that people with cancer also had propyl alcohol in their liver. Propyl alcohol is the antiseptic commonly used in cosmetics. Also, it is a pollutant in cold cereals and other products, especially those with flavourings. The eggs of the intestinal parasite hatch into small living forms called miracidia. In healthy people, the miracidia are killed by the liver. But somehow when propyl alcohol is present, the liver loses its ability to kill the hatchlings. So they stay in the body, grow up and reproduce themselves.

Hulda Clark has also suggested that, as propyl alcohol is a solvent, possibly it dissolves the eggs of the intestinal parasite, before they get a chance to move out of the body!

She goes on to describe how the three herbs should be taken, and how they work for successful parasite cleansing. It’s called the “Hulda Clark herbal parasite program”. She also has a program for parasite cleansing for pets, to keep them healthy and to prevent you from getting re-infected.

In "The Cure for all Diseases" Hulda Clark also gives instructions on how to build a device called a 'zapper' which she says can electrocute parasites, including bacterian and viruses. In a way, this technology is a revival of the technology of the great Royal Raymond Rife, who cured many diseases in the early 1900's, until the establishment shut him down.

There were times in the past when we got the flu when we zapped and got well within one hour! One time it took two days to get well, even with zapping - but we learned later that everyone else in town was sick for 5-6 weeks! Zapping has also helped me to get rid of headaches quickly, when water alone was not enough (Hulda Clark said that headaches can be caused by parasites in the brain).

There was a time when we sold zappers, but the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) sent us a letter telling everyone who sold zapper to not sell them. So you know they must be good! Government agencies love to help the drug companies to get rid of any competition. There were all kinds of testimonials to the power of the zapper, and no one was hurt by them. One man even healed himself of multiplesclerosis (in addition to removing his mercury amalgam fillings).

The strange question is, why on earth don’t doctors tell us that parasites are a major cause of disease, weight gain, tiredness and brain fog? SURELY SOMEBODY must know this! My naturopath teacher David Bridgman told us how a butcher told him how when they cut open the organs of an animals, the parasites go running all around the place! While some parasites are microscopic, many of them are not! I believe the plain answer is again, money. You have read that Hulda Clark says that everyone who has cancer has a parasite. About one in three Americans will get cancer. The average cancer patient pays $300,000. That works out to around $27,000,000,000,000 ($27 trillion) over the next 70 years to the medical industry. Add similar amounts for heart disease. Plus money for diabetes and the list goes on and on. Now you know why you weren’t told about parasites, because three simple herbs can kill them.

There is another supplement which is wonderful at killing parasites, and that is:

Diatomaceous Earth - Food Grade (DE).

It is sometimes called “Fossil Shell Flour”, because DE is a remarkable, all-natural product made from tiny fossilized water plants, called diatoms. DE is mostly composed of silica, which helps grow strong bones, skin, nails and hair.

We personally use a product called Celatom from ebay.

Diatomaceous Earth has many uses, including as a very effective natural insecticide for the garden where it kills pests, but not earth worms. It is wonderful for improving the health of animals (so long as it’s food grade). The insecticidal quality of diatomaceous earth is due to the razor sharp edges of the diatom remains. Because they are microscopic, the razor edges hurt parasites but not mammals like us.

Food grade diatomaceous earth has been used for at least two decades as a natural wormer for livestock. Only now are more people are starting to use it on themselves as well. Some believe DE scratches and dehydrates parasites. Some scientists believe that diatomaceous earth is a de-ionizer or de-energizer of worms or parasites. Some believe that it cuts up the insides of the parasites. Regardless, people report definite control.

To be most effective, food grade diatomaceous earth must be fed long enough to catch all newly hatching eggs or cycling of the worms through the lungs and back to the stomach. A minimum of 60 days is suggested by many, 90 days is advised for lungworms.

Food grade diatomaceous earth works in a purely physical/mechanical manner, not "chemical" and thus has no chemical toxicity.

WARNING: HOWEVER, it is so effective at killing parasites that I must add this warning. Start off with it VERY SLOWLY. No more than 1/8 teaspoon for an adult the first few days.

I say this because I read one account of a man on the internet who took several teaspoons initially and collapsed and had to go to hospital. This was presumably because, like many people, he was loaded in parasites, and when the DE killed a bunch of parasites, his body got overloaded with toxins. You must give the body time to remove the dead bodies of the parasites slowly. Some people recommend working up to two tablespoons a day, for adults.

When my husband and I started on DE we felt VERY tired the first few days. This is a sign of detoxification. The body uses extra energy to remove the extra toxins that are coming out. The saying is that detoxing is like cleaning house - it looks worse before it looks better. But after that, we noticed a GREAT improvement in mental clarity and energy. It was as though a ‘brain fog’ that we did not even know we had was lifted.

Mix it in water, or water with a little juice. It seems to work best if you have it apart from food, like after you drink water in the morning, but before you have any food. Some people recommend taking it three times a day.

You can buy Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for as low as $2 a pound! It MUST be food grade or it may contain dangerous toxins. I really believe that this is one of the most beneficial of all health supplements for reducing weight and improving health.

1. Diatomaceous Earth MUST BE food grade.
2. Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade must be taken initially in VERY Small doses. Start with 1/8 tsp or less for an adult, and increase slowly every few days. Some people recommend taking up to two tablespoon a day for adults, and one teaspoon three times a day for children.
3. Diatomaceous Earth can be constipating. Make sure you drink 6-8 glasses of water a day, including 1-2 before breakfast. Increase the amount you take very slowly, and spread it out throughout the day.
4. Do not inhale product. Dust may cause eye and respiratory irritation. Keep out of reach of children.
5. Detoxification of parasites often causes feelings such as tiredness and headache for a while. If this happens, drink plenty of water and get more sleep. You can also reduce the amount you are taking and work back up to it later.

Parasites make the body toxic, and damage it. This stops the body from working at peak efficiency, and makes one feel bad. So much so that often one is so used to feeling that way, that one thinks it is ‘normal’. Feeling bad encourages a person to crave junk food and drink.

Kill your parasites with herbs, diatomaceous earth and other natural remedies, and you may be shocked to discover how happy and energetic and unhungry you feel!

Cooked food doesn't contain parasites but it FEEDS them. Parasites slowly eat away at your organs and poop toxic waste into your system ! Everybody has them. They are on doorknobs, shopping carts, public places, PETS, . even shaking someone's hand can transfer half a million organisms (they breed under the fingernails). Most medical problems are parasite-related. Worms can release up to A MILLION eggs per day depending on their type ! They eat your food and they eat YOU. Do not be in denial of this before it's too late. SIGNS YOU HAVE PARASITES: - lethargy, feeling tired all the time (chronic fatigue) - depression, forgetfulness, lack of focus, foggy thinking - strong cravings for greasy foods and sugary foods, lots of carbs and bread, fruit, fruit juices, or alcohol - eating more than normal but still feeling hungry - digestive problems such as gas, bloating, constipation, or diarrhea that come and go but never really clear up - irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) - burning sensation in the stomach - anemia or iron deficiency- worms can create enough blood loss to cause anemia or iron deficiency - difficulty in losing or gaining weight no matter how you try - joint pain, muscle pain, and arthritis-like symptoms - pain in the back, shoulders, and thighs - skin ailments such as hives, rashes, weeping eczema, itchy dermatitis, acne, ulcers, sores, lesions, inflammation or swelling - allergic-like reactions with no apparent cause - itchiness in ears, nose, and anus - excessive number of bacterial or viral infections - Candida yeast infection keeps coming back - headaches - restlessness or anxiety, Nervousness, waste products from parasites irritate the nervous system, resulting in anxiety and restlessness - fast heartbeat, heart pain - insomnia, multiple awakenings during the night (particularly between 2 and 3 am) - teeth grinding and drooling during sleep, restlessness, dark circles under the eyes - transmandibular jaw syndrome (TMJ) - low immune system- Parasites depress the immune system by decreasing immunoglobulin - constant coughs and colds - food allergies, food sensitivities, environmental intolerance or over-sensitivity (to smoke, chemicals, perfumes, etc.) - loss of appetite - sexual dysfunction in men - menstrual cycle problems in women SOME TYPES OF PARASITES AND WHAT THEY DO: Roundworms can lay 200,000 eggs a day ! Over a million people are infected. Symptoms are upper abdominal discomfort. asthma, insomnia, appendicitis, peritonitis, and rashes due to the secretions or waste products from the worms. Large numbers can cause blockages in the intestinal tract, hemorrhage (bleeding) when penetrating the intestinal wall, abscesses in the liver, hemorrhagic pancreatitis, loss of appetite, and insufficient absorption of digested foods. Adults grow to 15 inches long. Hookworm larvae penetrate the skin. When hookworms reach adulthood, they can sap the victim's strength, vitality and overall well-being. Young worms use their teeth to burrow through the intestinal wall and feed on your blood. Symptoms from hookworm are iron deficiency, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, protein deficiency, dry skin and hair, skin irritations, edema, distended abdomen, mental dullness, and eventually cardiac failure (yes you can die from th is!) Pinworms infects one in five children. Symptoms are itching and irritation of the anus or vagina, digestive disorders, insomnia, irritability or nervousness. Female worms crawl out of the anus and lay about 15,000 eggs per day. Once airborne, the eggs can survive about two days anywhere in your living environment.Worldwide, about 500 million are infected with pinworms. The worm is white and can grow to about half inch in length. W hipworm infections are estimated at several hundred million worldwide. Symptoms of whipworms are bloody stools, pain in the lower abdomen, weight loss, rectal prolapse, nausea and anemia. Hemorrhage can occur when worms penetrate the intestinal wall and bacterial infections usually follow. 1 to 2 inches length. Amoebae are microorganisms that infect the end of the smaller intestine and colon. They release an enzyme that causes ulcers or abscesses where they can enter the bloodstream. They can eventually reach other organs like the brain or liver. Trichomonas vaginalis are pathogens that resides in the vagina in females and the urethra, epididymis, and swelling in the prostate gland in males. In women there is some yellowish discharge accompanied by itching and burning. Tapeworms may grow to 35 feet long and live ten years inside the persons intestines. Some tapeworms can lay as many as one million eggs per day . Their bodies are in separate segments with hooks and suction cups on their skull. Flukes Flatworms- found in bladder, blood, liver, lung, kidney and intestin e s. Human infections of flukes are in excess of 250 million worldwide. They can cause severe disease of the gastrointestinal tract, bladder, liver and destroy blood cells. Size varies from 1 to 2.5 centimeters in length (1/2 to 3 inches long). Spirochetes are very tiny organisms that are spiral-shaped, and multiply in the blood and lymphatic system. Spirochetes (largest), Saprospira, Cristispira, Treponema (smallest), and many more. The host or carrier is usually lice, ticks, fleas, mites, and flying insects, which is then transmitted to humans. Spirochetes are responsible for relapsing fever, infectious jaundice, Lymes disease, sores, ulcers, Vincent angina and Wyles disease. THESE ARE JUST A FEW ! THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF TYPES> YOU HAVE AT LEAST SOME OF THEM GUARANTEED ! Some parasites worms have the ability to fool bodies into thinking they are normal part of the tissue or organ and the immune system will not fight off the intruders. When these alien invaders are established in our bodies, they do several things: They can make Swiss cheese out of your organs. Worm infections can cause physical trauma by perforating (burrowing) the intestines, the circulatory system, the lungs, the liver or the whole bodies. They rob us of our vital vitamin and mineral nutrients, and amino acids needed for digestion. People become anemic and are drowsy after meals. Parasites poop toxic wastes that poison our bodies. They d epresses the immune system, which leads to further degeneration, fatigue and illness.They can destroy cells faster than cells can be regenerated. Some conditions that promote parasitic infections are excess mucus, an imbalance in the intestinal flora, chronic constipation, and toxic internal environment. Humans with worm infections may feel bloated, tired or hungry, allergies, asthma, gas, digestive disorders, unclear thinking or feel toxic. Some people may not have any symptoms from infection. There isn't one thing that will kill all parasites, you need a combination of plant-based all natural herbs. The latest one to come out with some of the best herbs is PARASITE-FREE Note: Couples should both do a parasite cleanse at the same time otherwise they reinfect each other Yes, even Raw Foodists can have parasites. what makes the difference is HOW CLEAN your body is. Parasites LOVE dead cooked food (pasta, bread, cereal, pastries, meat, cheese, cookies, baked food, fried food, candy, sweet foods, rice, noodles, cooked potatoes, french fries, hamburgers, even energy bars, tacos, burritos, stir fried, . all that pasty crap you call food. Even if you don't eat any of that anymore, they will still eat YOU, so you need to get rid of them NOW ! Yes thin people have parasites too. Everyone has them. BUT if you are unhealthy and have fat, you are a SERIOUS breeding ground for all kinds of parasites ! No matter who you are and how healthy you think you are, you need to do a parasite cleanse every year. Close your eyes if you want, but pay the price later. HOW DO YOU GET RID OF THEM? SIMPLY TRYING TO KILL THEM RIGHT AWAY WON'T DO ANY GOOD, for two reasons. Firstly, they are in multiple stages- you may kill the adults, but not the half million eggs deposited throughout your body. Secondly, think of parasites as your garbage men. Their job is to eat up your garbage. If you kill them, the garbage in your body will just keep accumulating until you die of overtoxification. The first thing you do is CLEAN UP YOUR BODY which takes away their food supply. Stop eating all that modern processed food. As a matter of fact, it's best to stop eating at all and do nothing but a month long juice fast, along with LOTS of colonics to help clean out all that gunk in your bowels. As you do so, the parasites will start freaking out and make you CRAVE that bad food. But DON'T give it to them ! Starve those buggers . It's either you or them. Then when you are clean and they are weak, THAT'S when you hit them with everything you've got- the strong herbs that knock them out and make them leave your body. You need to make your body SO clean and spotless they have NOTHING to eat and then flooding your body with parasite-ridding herbs will make flush them out of you like crazy. You will be pooping what looks like spaghetti. Then you also have to hit the larvae and eggs in phase two. This is not a simple one week thing- this takes months and months - so you need to make this a LIFESTYLE. Parasites are everywhere. You cannot avoid contact. They are on all surfaces and even in the air. The only defense is having a highly alkaline body that is well oxygenated with a strong immune system and a CLEAN digestive tract. If your blood is acidic, you are breeding parasites. MUCUS is perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and parasites. What causes mucus? An acidic body. What causes an acidic body? Processed cooked modern foods, breads, cheese, alcohol, milk, dairy, stress, and anything not naturally found in nature. Mucus is the body's way of protecting your delicate tissues from being burned by acid and your modern lifestyle makes your body pretty acidic. That warm gooey mucus is perfect breeding grounds for parasites. So keep clean ! After some serious juicing and colonics, You hit them with some serious herbs to knock them out. draft saved at 10:15 PM E IT ! GAS IN THE STOMACH OR BOWELS

Gas in the stomach or bowels is normally the result of improper digestion, leading to an excess of gas. This accumulation of gas causes bloating in the stomach, intestine or bowels.

The diet plays a huge role in the presence of large amounts of gas, since bacteria in the colon acting on unabsorbed carbohydrates and proteins in the diet mostly produce these gases. Normally the stomach is sterile because of the acid environment. But when it does not contain enough hydrochloric acid, the bacteria migrates up into the stomach where it ferments the carbohydrates and proteins.

Large amounts of gas may be produced by eating certain kinds of foods, improper absorption of some foods (particularly carbohydrates), or by an overgrowth of gas-producing bacteria. Eating wrong combinations of food will also cause gas to form in the stomach or bowels. Drinking while eating causes a sour stomach and fermentation, as does hasty eating and poor chewing. Chewing with your mouth open, and talking while eating will result in swallowing air with the food or drink taken. This results in excessive belching or burping.


  1. Drinking lemon juice mixed in water 30 minutes before each meal helps to reduce gas in the stomach. The lemon juice acts similarly to the hydrochloric acid.
  2. Peppermint and Spearmint tea are excellent for reducing gas in the stomach.
  3. A lowfat diet helps to reduce carbon-dioxide production in the top (duodenal) area of the small intestine.
  4. Eat digestive enzymes at the end of the meal, or take them about 30 minutes prior to the meal.
  5. Take chlorophyll to reduce gas and odor.
  6. Do not postpone bowel movements.
  7. Take activated charcoal to help reduce the gas. The charcoal will absorb it and carry it off.
  8. If you find that eating certain food such as beans form excessive gas, eat these food sparingly or omit them from your diet.
  9. To reduce gas causing sulfur compounds in beans, boil the beans for about a minute, and then drain off the water entirely. Add fresh water and continue cooking.
  10. Avoid carbonated drinks.
  11. Avoid drinking with meals.
  12. Avoid fried foods.

Jesus encourages us with His words, “My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness” 2 Corinthians 12:19

First understand that parasites are the hidden disease , they can occur anywhere in the body, in EVERY organ, in ALL tissues, and in the blood. Parasites can cause problems that mimic other disorders and are not diagnosed as being parasite related. Not only do they cause harm by taking nutrients away from their host, they also produce toxic waste (from their excrement and death cycles) that affects the human body including the central nervous system. The two main types of intestinal parasites are helminths and protozoa. Intestinal parasites are usually transmitted when someone comes in contact with infected feces ex. through contaminated soil, food, water or contact with others who has it.

- Helminths are worms with many cells. Tapeworms, pinworms, and roundworms are among the most common helminths. In their adult form, helminths cannot multiply in the human body.

- Protozoa have only one cell, and can multiply inside the human body, which can allow serious infections to develop. The most common protozoa are giardia and cryptosporidium.

Signs and symptoms that you have parasites:

Parasites can live within the intestines for years without causing any symptoms. When they do, symptoms include the following:

Immunie Dysfunction - Parasites depress immune system functioning by decreasing the secretion of immunoglobulin A (I&A). Their presence continuously stimulates the system response and over time can exhaust this vital defense system, leaving the body open to bacterial and viral infections.

- Irritable bowel syndrome: Parasites can irritate inflame, coal, the intestinal cell wall, leading to a variety of gastrointestinal symptoms and malabsorption of vital nutriens, particularly fatty substances. This malabsorption leads to bulky stools and steatorrhea (excess far in feces).
- Granuiomas: Granulomas are tumour-like masses that encase destroyed large or parasitic eggs. They develop most often in the colon or rectal walls but can also be found in the lungs liver, peritoneum, and uterus.
- Chronic Constipation: Some worms, because of their shape and large size can physically obstruct certain organs. Heavy worm infections can block the common bile duct and the intestinal tract, making elimination infrequent and difficult.
- Diarrhea: Certain parasites, primarily protozoa, produce a prostaglandin (hormonelike substances found in various human tissues) which creates a sodium and chloride loss that leads to frequent watery stools. The diarrhea process in parasite infection is, therefore, a function of the parasite.
- Gas and Bloating: Some parasites live in the upper small intestine where the inflammation they produce causes both gas and bloating. The situation can be magnifiedwhen hard-to-digest foods such as beans, dough and meat are eaten. Persistent abdominal distention is a frequent sign of hidden invaders. These gastrointestinal symptoms can persist intermittently for many months or years if the parasites are not eliminated from the body.

Nervousness - Parasitic metabolic wastes and toxic substances can serve as irritants to the central nervous system. Restlessness and anxiety are often the result of the systemic parasite infestation. After completing a herbal cleanse, many people swear that their persistently grouchy mates or relatives have become a lot more pleasant and patient.

Weight and appetite problems - Parasites live undetected by their hosts. They rob the body of all essential nutrients (they get the choicest nutrition from the food you eat) Many overweight persons are infested with parasites, they stay hungry which leads to overeating because of the parasites. Depending on the type of parasite infestation, many people are malnourished. They cause:

- Weight gain - Long-standing obesity
- Uncontrollable hunger, eating - Loss of appetite
more than normal but still - Inability to gain or lose weight
feeling hungry

Skin disorders and allergies - Parasites that penetrate the skin cause itching. When tissue becomes inflamed from these parasites, the body’s white blood cells increase to defend the body. This reaction causes skin rashes and food allergies to appear. Parasites also create toxins and the skin, being the largest organ, tries to remove these toxins, which causes many skin problems. Symptoms include:

- Dry skin - Allergic reactions to food
- Dry hair - Crawling sensation under the skin
- Brittle hair - Rashes and acne
- Hair loss - Weeping eczema
- Allergies - Cutaneous ulcers
- Itchy nose - Popular lesions
- Itchy anus - Swelling
- Itchy skin - Sores and hives

Mood and anxiety problems - Once again, it’s the toxic metabolic waste produced by the parasites that attack the central nervous system causing:

- Mood swings - Unclear thinking
- Nervousness - Restlessness
- Depression - Anxiety
- Forgetfulness - Slow reflexes

Fatigue- The toxic metabolic waste overloads and overworks the organs of elimination and taxes the central nervous system. Parasites cause these physical, mental, and emotional symptoms through malnutrition resulting from malabsorption of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and especially vitamins A and B-12 causing:

- Chronic fatigue syndrome - Flu-like complaints
- Low energy - Apathy and excessive weakness
- Lethargy - Impaired concentration

Sleep disturbance- The physical presence of the parasites themselves are a nuisance to the human body. The body reacts to them during periods of rest, this in turn produces:

- Insomnia - Drooling while asleep
- Teeth grinding during sleep - Bed wetting
- Disturbed sleep – Multiple awakenings particularly between 2 and 3 AM, are possibly caused by the body's attempts to eliminate toxic wastes via the liver. According to Chinese medicine, these hours are governed by the liver.

Muscle and joint complaints - Parasites are known to migrate to cysts (become enclosed in a sac) in joint fluids, and worms can cause cysts in muscles. Once that happens, pain becomes evident and is often assumed to be caused by or commonly mistaken as arthritis joint and muscle pains and inflammation are also the result of tissue damage caused by some parasites of the body's ongoing immune response to they’re presence.

- Muscle pain - Numbness of the hands and/or feet
- Joint pain - Pain in the navel
- Muscle cramping - Pain in the back, thighs or shoulders
- Arthritic pains - Heart pain and fast heartbeat

Blood disorders - The parasites get the good vitamins, including iron, leading to:

- Hypoglycemia
- Anemia: Some varieties of intestinal worms attach themselves to the mucosal lining of the intestines and then leach nutrients from the human host. If they are present in large enough numbers, they can create enough blood loss to cause a type of iron deficiency or pernicious.

Sexual and reproductive problems - With a weakened immune system caused by parasites and their waste you also can experience:

- Male impotence - Cysts
- Erectile dysfunction - Fibroids
- PMS - Menstrual problems
- Candida - yeast infections - Prostate problems
- Urinary tract infections - Water retention

Other symptoms - More health problems caused by parasites:

- Excessive saliva - Chronic viral or bacterial symptoms
- Unclear vision - Abdominal pain
- Bad breath and taste in mouth - Mucus in the stools
- Poor immune response - Leaky gut
- Fever - Nausea
- Respiratory problems - Hemorrhoids
- Peritonitis - Burning in the stomach
- Body odor - Bloody stools
- Excessive early bowel movements (very explosive bowel movements very soon after eating)

Some tell-tails:
- Asthma - Epilepsy
- Diabetes - Migraines
- Even the biggest killers: heart disease and cancer.

Direct quote and help from the University of Maryland medical centre.

How to rid yourself from parasites

SIMPLY TRYING TO KILL THEM RIGHT AWAY WON'T DO ANY GOOD, for two reasons. Firstly, they are in multiple stages- you may kill the adults, but not the half million eggs deposited throughout your body. Secondly, think of parasites as your garbage men. Their job is to eat up your garbage. If you kill them, the garbage in your body will just keep accumulating until you die of overtoxification. The first thing you do is CLEAN UP YOUR BODY which takes away their food supply. Stop eating all that modern processed food. As a matter of fact, it's best to stop eating at all and do nothing but a month long juice fast, along with LOTS of colonics to help clean out all that gunk in your bowels. As you do so, the parasites will start freaking out and make you CRAVE that bad food. But DON'T give it to them! Starve those buggers. It's either you or them. Then when you are clean and they are weak, THAT'S when you hit them with everything you've got- the strong herbs that knock them out and make them leave your body. You need to make your body SO clean and spotless they have NOTHING to eat and then flooding your body with parasite-ridding herbs will flush them out of you like crazy. Then you also have to hit the larvae and eggs in phase two. This is not a simple one week thing- this takes months and months - so you need to make this a LIFESTYLE.

Parasites are everywhere. You cannot avoid contact. They are on all surfaces and even in the air. The only defense is having a highly alkaline body that is well oxygenated with a strong immune system and a CLEAN digestive tract. If your blood is acidic, you are breeding parasites. MUCUS is perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and parasites. What causes mucus? An acidic body. What causes an acidic body? Processed cooked modern foods, breads, cheese, alcohol, milk, dairy, stress, and anything not naturally found in nature. Mucus is the body's way of protecting your delicate tissues from being burned by acid and your modern lifestyle makes your body pretty acidic. That warm gooey mucus is perfect breeding grounds for parasites. So keep clean!

After some serious juicing and colonics, you hit them with some serious herbs to knock them out.

  • Avoid simple carbohydrates, such as those found in refined foods, sweet fruits, juices, dairy products, and all sugars, except honey.
  • Eat more raw garlic, pumpkin seeds, pomegranates, beets, and carrots, all of which have been used traditionally to kill parasites. In one study, researchers found that a mixture of honey and papaya seeds cleared stools of parasites in 23 out of 30 subjects. Drink a lot of water to help flush out your system.
  • Eat more fiber, which may help get rid of worms.
  • Probiotics - one to two times per day between meals, help keep your digestive tract healthy. will help restore your intestinal tract to its normal state, which makes it inhospitable to parasites.
  • Vitamin C (250 - 500 mg two times a day) or, if well-tolerated, much higher doses of up to 6,000 mg per day in otherwise healthy adults - supports the immune system. Lower vitamin C dose if diarrhea develops.
  • Zinc (20 - 30 mg per day) -- also helps support the immune system.

Green hulls of black walnut: is known to have powerful effects on killing many varieties of parasites. The dried and ground green hull of the Black Walnut contains tannin, which is organic iodine, as well as juglandin. Black walnut has been used for centuries to expel various types of worms, including parasites that cause skin irritations such as ringworm. It oxygenates the blood, which also helps kill parasites. Black Walnut is very effective against tapeworms, pinworms, Candida albicans (yeast infections) and malaria. It is also effective in reducing blood sugar levels, and helping the body rid itself of toxins.

Graviola Bark: Graviola is a major component used in our formula because of the amazing results for purging parasites. Graviola has a great record in killing intestinal parasites, calming nerves, reducing blood pressure and helping arthritis, heart and liver. Some people saw parasites in their toilets after just one day! Graviola has been researched in laboratory tests since the 1970s, where it's been shown to: Effectively target and kill malignant cells in 12 different types of cancer, including Colon, Breast, Prostrate, Lung and Pancreatic Cancer. 10,000 times stronger in killing colon cancer cells than Adriamycin (a commonly used chemotherapeutic drug).Selectively hunt down and kill cancer cells without harming healthy cells, unlike chemotherapy. REFERANCE Graviola contains the chemical Annonaceous acetogenins: the active compound that is harmful to parasites.

Quassia: a tree native to Jamaica and its neighboring island’s, has traditionally been used as a remedy for roundworms and as an insecticide. It has also been used as a bitter digestive aid and a remedy for digestive disorders, parasites, and head.

Butternut bark: used specifically for parasite cleansing. Butternut is a native of the midwestern and northeastern United States and been used since the 1800s as a laxative and in the elimination of parasites. Butternut is also used to support healthy liver function. Butternut, also called White Walnut, is used to expel, rather than kill, worms.

Wormwood: named for its ability to expel parasites, this bitter herb is known world wide for its strong killing ability. This is one of the MOST POWERFUL tools in the parasite-killing herb kingdom. It is most effective against roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and pinworms. Wormwood contains the potent chemicals thujone and isothujone, which are the primary components that kill parasites. Wormwood also contains santonin, an effective remedy for parasitic diseases. Wormwood is the second most bitter herb known to man and has been proven as a POWERFUL remedy for malaria. Wormwood also contains sesquiterpene lactones, which work similarly to peroxide by weakening the parasites membranes therefore killing them. Wormwood also helps produce bile, which in turn helps the liver and gallbladder.

Diatomatious Earth: food grade version used to act as a parasite shredder. Diatoms act like glass passing over skin, cutting the fragile flesh of all living adult parasites on contact. (without harming humans)

Rhubarb: used to help expel the die-off of parasites, eggs and Larva. We chose Rhubarb as it is not addictive like other colon movement stimulants & is very powerful even in a low dosage.

Clove: cloves contain the most powerful germicidal agent in the herbal kingdom known as eugenol. It also contains caryophyllene which is powerful antimicrobial agents. These components travel through the bloodstream, killing microscopic parasites and parasitic larvae and eggs. Cloves are tremendously effective in killing malaria, tuberculosis, cholera, scabies and other parasites, viruses, bacteria and fungi, including Candida. Cloves also destroy all species of Shigella, Staphylococcus, and Streptococcus.

Pumpkin seed: able to kill eggs, contains a natural fat that is toxic to parasite eggs. Curcurbitin in pumpkin seeds has shown anti-parasitic activity since it has the ability to paralyze worms so they drop off the intestinal walls. Chinese scientists used pumpkin seeds to treat acute schistosomiasis and tapeworm infestations.

Red Raspberry Seed (Ellagitannin): raspberry seeds usually pass through our bodies, but when ground up, contain one of the most powerful antioxidants known- Ellagitannin (Ellagic acid). Aside from being used very successfully in cancer treatment, Ellagitannin has also been found to be a powerful destroyer of parasites. It's a very strong anti-bacterial, anti-fungal anti-viral that lowers cholesterol and protects our DNA. This is very expensive and hard to get but worth every molecule.

Aloe vera this plant called herb of immortality by the Egyptians, contains a soothing gel that helps peristalsis. Aloe vera has antibacterial and antifungal activities. Also aloe destroys bacteria more powerful than any other hypoallergenic plant known.

Garlic: Garlic is able to slow and kill over 60 types of fungus and 20 types of bacteria, as well as some of the most potent viruses. Garlic has a history of killing parasites and controlling secondary fungal infections, detoxifying while gently stimulating elimination and has antioxidant properties to protect against oxidation caused by parasite toxins. The active components in garlic that kill parasites are Allicin and Ajoene. These compounds can kill ameba’s including one-cell varieties, as well as pinworms and hookworms. Allicin is not present in garlic in its natural state. When garlic is chopped or otherwise damaged, the enzyme alliinase acts on the chemical alliin converting it into allicin, the active component contributing for its success for killing parasites.

African cayenne: 120: HU the most powerful variety of cayenne pepper, able to destroy fungus, mold & parasites on contact.

(NaturalNews) Parasites are living organisms that live off of a host organism. Parasites take and utilize the host organism's nutrients and in so doing, hurt the host organism. Parasites take on a number of different forms and can thrive throughout the body. They most often live within the human intestines. Take action and cleanse your system of parasites naturally.

It is estimated that about 50 percent of Americans have an abundance of parasitic organisms in their gut. Parasites enter the human body through the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink.

In third world countries, the most common way to encounter parasites is through contaminated water. Anyone traveling to a foreign country should be cautious in getting clean water. Poor sanitation and poor hygiene are the most common ways people encounter parasites. In America, parasites are spread through pork products, shellfish as well as contaminated food and water.

There are thousands of different types of parasites that are common to humans. Protozoa consist of a single cell and multiply in enormous numbers inside the human intestine. The most commonly found protozoic parasites are giardia, neospora, amoebae, toxoplasmosis, cryptosporidium and sarcocystis

Another form of parasite is the Helminth worm. This includes tapeworms, pinworms, hookworms, threadworms, roundworms and others. Many individuals doing a parasite cleanse will see the worms in their stools as they are eliminated from the body.

The body's immune system goes after the parasites once they are identified. Often times, the parasites are extremely strong and multiply too quickly for the immune system to keep them at bay. Some of the most common symptoms associated with intestinal parasites include diarrhea, gas, bloating, flu-like symptoms, nausea, rashes, joint pain, chronic fatigue and chronic sinusitis.

General Information

Giardiasis is a diarrheal disease caused by the microscopic parasite Giardia duodenalis (or &ldquoGiardia&rdquo for short). Once a person or animal has been infected with Giardia, the parasite lives in the intestines and is passed in stool (poop). Once outside the body, Giardia can sometimes survive for weeks or even months. Giardia can be found in every region of the United States and around the world.

How do you get giardiasis and how is it spread?

You can get giardiasis if you swallow the Giardia parasite (germ). Giardia&mdashor poop from people or animals infected with Giardia&mdashcan contaminate anything it touches. Giardia spreads very easily even getting tiny amounts of poop in your mouth could make you sick.

Giardiasis can be spread by:

  • Swallowing unsafe food or water contaminated with Giardia germs
  • Having close contact with someone who has giardiasis, particularly in childcare settings
  • Traveling within areas that have poor sanitation
  • Exposure to poop through sexual contact from someone who is sick or recently sick with Giardia
  • Transferring Giardia germs picked up from contaminated surfaces (such as bathroom handles, changing tables, diaper pails, or toys) into your mouth
  • Having contact with infected animals or animal environments contaminated with poop

What are the symptoms of giardiasis?

Giardia infection (giardiasis) can cause a variety of intestinal symptoms, which include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Gas
  • Foul-smelling, greasy poop that can float
  • Stomach cramps or pain
  • Upset stomach or nausea
  • Dehydration

Symptoms of giardiasis generally begin by having 2 to 5 loose stools (poop) per day and progressively increasing fatigue. Other, less common symptoms include fever, itchy skin, hives, and swelling of the eyes and joints. Over time, giardiasis can also cause weight loss and keep the body from absorbing nutrients it needs, like fat, lactose, vitamin A, and vitamin B12. Some people with Giardia infections have no symptoms at all.

How long after infection do symptoms appear?

Symptoms of giardiasis normally begin 1 to 2 weeks after becoming infected.

How long will symptoms last?

Symptoms generally last anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. In people with weakened immune systems (e.g., due to illness such as HIV), symptoms may last longer. Healthcare providers can prescribe the appropriate antiparasitic medications to help reduce the amount of time symptoms last.

Who is most at risk of getting giardiasis?

Anyone can become infected with Giardia. However, those at greatest risk are:

  • People in childcare settings
  • People who are in close contact with someone who has the disease
  • Travelers within areas that have poor sanitation
  • People who have contact with poop during sexual activity
  • Backpackers or campers who drink untreated water from springs, lakes, or rivers
  • Swimmers who swallow water from swimming pools, hot tubs, splash pads, or untreated recreational water from springs, lakes, or rivers
  • People who get their household water from a shallow well
  • People with weakened immune systems
  • People who have contact with infected animals or animal environments contaminated with poop

How is giardiasis diagnosed?

Contact your healthcare provider if you think you may have giardiasis. Your healthcare provider will ask you to submit stool (poop) samples to see if you are infected. Because it can be difficult to detect Giardia, you may be asked to submit several stool specimens collected over several days to see if you are infected.

What is the treatment for giardiasis?

Many prescription drugs are available to treat giardiasis. Although Giardia can infect all people, infants and pregnant women may be more likely to experience dehydration from the diarrhea caused by giardiasis. To prevent dehydration, infants and pregnant women should drink a lot of fluids while sick. Dehydration can be life-threatening for infants, so it is especially important that parents talk to their healthcare providers about treatment options for their infants.

My child does not have diarrhea but was recently diagnosed with giardiasis. My healthcare provider says treatment is not necessary. Is this correct?

Your child may not need treatment if they have no symptoms, though it is important to consider that their poop may remain a source of infection for other household members for an uncertain period of time. However, if your child does not have diarrhea but does have other symptoms, such as nausea or upset stomach, tiredness, weight loss, or a lack of hunger, you and your healthcare provider may need to consider treatment. The same is true if many family members are sick or if a family member is pregnant and unable to take the most effective medications to treat Giardia. Contact your healthcare provider for specific treatment recommendations.

Can I get giardiasis from my private well?

Giardia-contaminated poop can enter ground water through different ways, including sewage overflows, sewage systems that are not working properly, and polluted storm water. Wells may be more likely to be contaminated by poop after flooding, particularly if the wells are shallow, have been dug or bored, or have been covered by floodwater for long periods of time. Overused, leaky, or poorly maintained septic systems could contaminate nearby wells with germs from poop, including Giardia. Read more about testing your well.

What can I do to prevent and control giardiasis?

To prevent and control Giardia infection, it is important to:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water during key times, especially:
    • before preparing food or eating, and
    • after using the bathroom or changing diapers.
      from springs, lakes, or rivers (surface water) while backpacking or camping if no other source of safe water is available.
  • Avoid swallowing water from swimming pools, hot tubs, splash pads, and untreated water from springs, lakes, or rivers (surface water) while swimming.
  • Store, clean, and prepare fruits and vegetables properly.
  • Can I get giardiasis from my pet?

    The chances of people getting a Giardia infection from dogs or cats are small. The type of Giardia that infects humans is usually not the same type that infects dogs and cats. For more information, see Giardia and Pets.

    Parasite Support Pack

    With parasite activity increasing during the full moon, we recommend a full moon challenge. The full moon challenge protocol targets parasites during this time of increased activity and reproduction.

    Start the full moon challenge protocol shortly before the full moon and complete it shortly after the full moon. You will use the three supplements discussed above: Mimosa Pudica Seed, Formula 1, and BioActive Carbon BioTox.

    These are the steps to complete the full moon challenge:

    1. Choose The Length of the Protocol: You can do it for 3, 5 or 7 days. The length of the challenge is based on your individual tolerance. If you are a highly sensitive individual, you may just want to begin with a 3-day protocol and see how you do with that.
    2. When To Begin: If you are doing the 3 day, start one day before the full moon and end one day after. If you are doing the 5-day, start 2 days before the full moon and end 2 days after. If you are doing the 7-day challenge, start 3 days before the full moon and end 3 days after.

    Eliminating the Parasites That You Almost Certainly Have and Curing Lupus

    Parasitic infestations are an epidemic in the United States, with most sources estimating that a massive 85% of Americans have parasites. Because of this, we recommend a parasite cleanse every six months, care in choosing restaurants, and washing after exposure to animals.

    Unfortunately, most doctors are not trained in the treatment of parasites. It is only when parasites are visually seen that American doctors will suspect them, which requires an especially terrible case. There are many symptoms of parasite infestation which people experience in daily life, believing that these issues are completely normal. While sickness has become somewhat normal in the modern lifestyle, it does not need to be. The amount of damage that can be caused by parasites is virtually limitless, because many types of them are small enough to travel anywhere in the body through the bloodstream. Parasites obtain sustenance by robbing the body of nutrients. They are the root cause of lupus, with all other issues being secondary to the parasitic infection. Therefore, lupus cannot be cured without a thorough parasite cleanse. Lupus is officially reported to be just another "incurable disease" and an "autoimmune disorder" by the establishment. Most parasites can be avoided by thoroughly cooking foods and by never drinking unfiltered water.

    Identifying Common Parasites

    • Round worms: Living in the stomach and intestines, these worms enter through undercooked and contaminated food. Remember that manure used in organic farming may be contaminated with worms. Therefore, this parasite is one reason to avoid raw produce diets. Always wash your hands after having contact with pets especially if there has been any contact with their feces.
    • Heart worms: It is extremely rare for heart worms to occur in humans. It usually occurred as a single worm in the lungs, instead of the heart, in the few cases that were reported. They cannot be spread from one animal (or human) to another, but must be spread through mosquitoes.
    • Tape worms: These worms enter the body through undercooked beef, fish, or pork. They live in the lower intestinal tract. Use gloves and wash thoroughly after preparing meat to prevent them.
    • Pin worms: Living inside the intestinal tract and lungs, these small white worms come out at night to lay eggs around the anus. The eggs hatch, and then the young worms re-enter through the anus. If the person scratches during his sleep, the eggs get under the fingernails, spreading to wherever the person touches. It is believed that they are small and lightweight enough to become airborne, leading people to inhale them. This is how they are purported to arrive inside the lungs.
    • Hook worms and thread worms: These can be found in contaminated drinking water, or they can enter directly through the feet. They are tiny in size, and can enter through the soles of bare feet even without open wounds. Always wear shoes when walking outside. These worms are unique because they have a lifespan of several years, and the eggs can incubate for up to 10 years.

    Symptoms of Parasites

    • Repeated diarrhea or constipation
    • Chronic, unexplained nausea, often accompanied by vomiting
    • Fatigue and weakness
    • Intestinal cramping
    • Unexplained dizziness
    • Foul-smelling flatulence
    • Indigestion
    • Bloating
    • Multiple food allergies
    • Loss of appetite
    • Itching around the anus, especially at night
    • Difficulty sleeping
    • Difficulty maintaining a healthy weight (over or underweight)
    • Itching on the soles of the feet, often accompanied by a rash
    • Itching or tingling sensations on the scalp
    • Coughing blood (severe cases)
    • Palpitations (hook worms)
    • Anemia
    • Facial swelling around the eyes (round worms)
    • Wheezing and coughing, followed by vomiting, stomach pain and bloating (suggesting round worms or thread worms)

    Allopathic Treatments

    If a conventional doctor believes that you have parasites, he will prescribe an anti-parasitic pharmaceutical. These pharmaceuticals are always toxic, for it is their toxicity that kills the parasites. Thus, swelling of the lymph nodes, hands, and feet are common with these drugs. Vision problems, lack of coordination, and convulsions can also occur. Diarrhea is typical.

    Anti-Parasitic Supplements

    • Black walnut hulls
    • Wormwood
    • Cloves
    • Pumpkin seeds or pumpkin seed oil capsules
    • Garlic
    • Neem *
    • Thyme
    • Marshmallow root
    • Diatomaceous earth

    * Do not take neem if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, because it can work as a contraceptive.

    We do not recommend choosing any of the anti-parasite formulas that are available in retailers, for they are usually overpriced and formulated at very low concentrations.

    Diatomaceous earth is probably the best natural anti-parasitic medication. It is a natural pesticide that does not harm humans or pets. It is believed to kill insects, worms, and parasites by dehydrating them. When used on ants, it usually takes approximately 20 minutes before they are all dead. One tablespoon of diatomaceous earth taken by an adult, once a day for a week, is believed to be extremely effective for killing all parasites. When it is used on children, bear in mind that height is a better indicator of the size of their gastrointestinal tracts than their weights. Thus, a child who is 4 feet tall should take 2 teaspoons, and a child who is 2 feet tall should take 1 teaspoon.

    Our research indicates that diatomaceous earth is the best overall parasite treatment for humans, because it can kill blood-borne parasites as well. When using it, be sure to drink plenty of fluids, because it will dehydrate a person considerably. If you take the diatomaceous earth route, then we advise you to only buy it food grade. Industrial diatomaceous earth is used for swimming pool filters, and it has been chemically treated, so this type is not safe to eat. Try to avoid rubbing it onto your hands, since it will have a drying effect upon the skin. Mix the powder into a drink before consuming, in order to avoid inhaling any of the dust.

    Diatomaceous earth contains heavy metals as part of its mineral content, but it also contains selenium, which allows otherwise accumulative heavy metals to be safely flushed from the body. Therefore, it is not really a health concern, despite the trace presence of aluminum and lead. We recommend taking selenium supplements for a week after discontinuing this treatment to ensure that the body thoroughly neutralizes the metals. Concerned individuals can follow the parasite cleanse with a metal cleanse.

    Wormwood and black walnut hulls are known to kill adult worms, whilst cloves kill eggs. Some people use this trio for treating parasites, instead of diatomaceous earth. It is recommended that you take 500 mg. of wormwood and black walnut hulls, whilst taking 1/2 teaspoon of cloves daily for about 14 days. The other herbs listed can be used to augment these two core protocols.

    Herxheimer Reactions

    As parasites die, they release toxins through their excrement and from rotting. The most common parasites, the worm type, attempt to escape by burrowing deeper into the intestines, which can cause sharp cramps. Even when dead, the body is still burdened with the task of flushing them out. This whole process can make the person feel sicker than he was before he began the cleanse, but this is only temporary, and it is a sign that the cleanse is working. It is known as a Herxheimer reaction when people become sicker as a result of the toxins that are released by dying parasites. While fatigue and grogginess are to be expected, normal life may be continued, and diarrhea should not occur. Eat a good, wholesome diet throughout the cleanse to ensure that your immune system is at its strongest. After the cleanse, you should feel better, have more energy, and experience sickness less often.

    Deworming Pets

    A cat or dog is best treated with diatomaceous earth and pumpkin seed oil. Do not feed pets walnut hulls, wormwood, or any other supplement without first researching its effects upon animals. For instance, onion can kill dogs.

    A Growing Business Selling Parasites

    Aglietti treated himself with worms to reduce his psoriasis. He uses beef tapeworm, where Lawrence does not, and he will not sell worms to treat autism.

    "The clinic has been open for a little bit more than a year," said Aglietti. "They've only treated more than a dozen people."

    While Lawrence claims the therapy is akin to intensive probiotics and is legal in the United States, Aglietti reasoned it would be easier to do business in Mexico rather than attempt to get approval for food, drug or medical devices under the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

    Both Lawrence and Aglietti got the idea for their treatments from a hypothesis circulating among parasitologists and gastroenterologists at top universities in the United States and Britain.

    "Many years ago, and the theory is still out there, [it was thought] that a lot of us old people who grew up in the South got infected with all sorts of parasites and that that response prevented us from getting asthma and allergies," said Raymond Kuhn, professor of biology and an expert on parasites at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C.

    Serious researchers at Tufts University in Boston, Cambridge University and others have explored the idea that humans evolved by building an immune system that was in an arms race of sorts with parasites.

    The hypothesis goes that until recently, humans were fighting off some sort of parasite or another for millions of years, ever since humans evolved into humans. That co-existence eventually led humans to evolving an immune system that worked with parasites.

    "When you're born you have an immune system, but your immune system is a blank slate," said Weinstock.

    Weinstock explained that just as humans create a functioning digestive system by populating their digestive system with bacteria, humans historically developed an immune designed to account for parasites in the body.

    But in the last 150 years, the industrialized world's clean food supply and plumbing suddenly removed parasites from people's bodies. In response, researchers now widely think that people's immune systems stopped developing properly.

    Weinstock said most people still have a powerful "attack" function of their immune system, but that many believe the immune system does not develop to regulate properly in the absence of helminthes (parasitic worms).

    "People who are not exposed to helminthes have sloppy regulation," said Weinstock. As a result some people's immune systems go off kilter and misfire against their own bodies creating autoimmune disorders such as allergies, asthma, or inflammatory bowel disease.

    Causes And Risk Factors Of Human Intestinal Parasites

    You can become infected by human intestinal parasites by:

    • Consuming undercooked meat
    • Drinking contaminated water
    • Coming in contact with contaminated soil, water, feces or some household utensils
    • Poor hygiene and sanitation

    Certain factors can increase your risk of getting infected with parasites. They are:

    • Age: Children and older adults are more susceptible to parasitic infections because of weak immunity
    • Living in areas with poor hygiene

    You may become infected with intestinal parasites in the blink of an eye, in the most unpredictable way. However, sooner or later, symptoms will surface. If you have developed intestinal parasites, the following remedies can help in cleansing your intestines and getting rid of the parasites naturally and effectively.

    Thank you, Dr. Jay Davidson!

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    We can help you make the massive health transformation you need so that you can live the life YOU deserve.

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