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Microbiologist: works in health, research and food

Which is

The microbiologist is a biology scientist who studies microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, unicellular algae, protozoa, among others). Therefore, he is a professional who works in the field of biological knowledge known as Microbiology.

What a microbiologist does (main activities):

- Research the physiology of microorganisms.

- Researches the interaction of microorganisms with humans and other animals.

- Works in the development of medicines and vaccines to combat pathological microorganisms.

- Develops methods of use of certain microorganisms in the production and conservation of food.

- It acts in the creation of methods of identification of microorganisms in the human body and of other animals.

- Works in the area of ​​biosafety systems and methods development.

- Develops systems to combat and control microorganisms in water treatment.

- Creates food safety management systems.

Main areas of professional practice (labor market):

- Pharmaceutical industry.

- University research laboratories.

- Food industry.

- Large agricultural companies.

- Hospitals and clinical analysis laboratories.

Main areas (branches) of activity of the microbiologist:

- Medical Microbiology

- Pharmaceutical Microbiology

- Industrial Microbiology

- Microbial Genetics

- Cell Microbiology

- Environmental Microbiology

- Soil microbiology

- Food Microbiology

- Agricultural Microbiology

- Virology (study of viruses)

- Mycology (fungal study)

- Bacteriology (study of bacteria)

- Parasitology (parasite studies)

Academic training

Microbiologists are usually trained in biology with specialization in the various areas (branches) of microbiology.


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