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Biochemistry Books

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Bibliographic indication for the study of biochemistry

Bibliography (indication of Biochemistry books):

Biochemistry Manual with Clinical Correlations

Author: Devnin, Thomas M.

Publisher: Edgard Bluncher

Biology and Biochemistry

Author: Multiple Authors

Publisher: Phorte Publisher

Clinical biochemistry for the laboratory

Author: Motta, Valter T.

Publisher: Medbook

Illustrated Biochemistry

Author: Champe, Pamela

Publisher: Artmed

Basic Biochemistry

Author: Marzzoco, Anita

Publisher: Guanabara

Lehninger's Biochemistry Principles

Author: Cox, Michael

Publisher: Artmed

4,000 Pharmacy and Biochemistry questions

Author: Carioca, Raimundo Nonato Azevedo

Publisher: Nilo Book

Food Biochemistry

Author: Koblitz, Maria Gabriela Bello

Publisher: Guanabara

Fungi, An Introduction to Biology, Biochemistry

Author: Azevedo, João Lucio de

Publisher: Educs

Medical biochemistry

Author: Baynes, John

Publisher: Elsevier (Medicine)