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Marine biology

Marine biology

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Marine Biology: study of marine animals

What is Marine Biology (summary)

Marine Biology is a branch of Biology that studies living beings living in marine (saltwater) ecosystems. This science relates to others, such as: Oceanography, Botany, Zoology, Ecology and Marine Geology.

Main marine living beings studied by Marine Biology:

- Fish

- Marine Mammals

- plankton

- Bentos

- Nectons

- Marine microorganisms

- phytoplankton

- Phytobenthos

- Zooplankton

- Marine Invertebrates

The main marine ecosystems studied by Marine Biology:

- Beaches

- Coastal Zones

- Seagrass Plains

- Mangroves (mangroves)

- Rocky Shore

- Estuaries

- Reefs

- Continental Platforms

- Abyssal (Deep Zone)