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Fungi: Simple Life Form

What they are - biological definition

In nature there are different types of fungi. We can say that they are a fairly simple life form. Regarding differences, there are those that are extremely harmful to human health, causing numerous illnesses and even intoxication. We also find those that parasitize dead vegetables and decaying animal carcasses. We also have those that are used for food and even those from which substances can be extracted to make medicines, such as penicillin.

Fungus Information

For many years, fungi were considered to be vegetables, but from 1969 they were classified into a separate kingdom. Because they have their own characteristics, such as: not synthesizing chlorophyll, not having cellulose in their cell wall (except some aquatic fungi), and not storing starch as a reserve substance, they were differentiated from plants.

Fungi are eukaryotic living beings with a single nucleus. Included in this group are organisms of considerable size, such as mushrooms, but also many microscopic forms, such as mold and yeast. Several types act on humans causing various diseases such as mycosis.

Another important type of fungus is mold, which arises through the spies, almost microscopic cells that we find floating in the air. The spores prefer dark and humid places to reproduce. Due to this characteristic, a higher amount of mold can be noticed in humid environments, such as walls, drawers, cabinets, etc. These same tiny cells also cluster in breads, fruits and vegetables, as they seek food in environments conducive to their development.

The various types of mycoses that we know originate from microfungi, affecting humans most often in tropical countries (hot and humid climate), as in Brazil, for example. Most of the time, treatment for this condition is complicated because it is a harmful and opportunistic way of life. But there is advanced research and important work on this subject. Many medications are being developed with the goal of ridding humans of this unpleasant and harmful company.

Biological curiosity:

Fungi are found in soil, water, vegetables, animals, man and debris in general. Wind acts as an important conductor by spreading its propagules and hyphal fragments.