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Bibliography (indication of books on Fungi):

Fungi - An Introduction to Biology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology

Author: Azevedo, João Lúcio de

Publisher: EDUCS

Identification Guide: Fungi, Actinomycetes and Medical Algae

Author: Heins-vaccari, Elisabeth Maria; Porto, Edward; Melo, Natalina Takahashi's; Lacaz, Carlos da Silva

Publisher: SARVIER

Biology - Module 5 - Unicellular Viruses and Fungi

Author: Laurence

Publisher: New Generation

Illustrated Glossary of Fungi - Terms and Concepts Applied to Mycology

Author: Silveira, Rosa Mara Borges da; Guerrero, Rosa T.

Publisher: UFRGS

The Amazing World of Fungi

Author: Terçarioli, Gisela Ramos

Publisher: UNESP

Use of Filamentous Fungi in Contaminated Soil Bioremediation

Author: Oliveira, Sabrina Dias de

Publisher: Cetem

Quarantine Fungi for Brazil

Author: Mendes, Marta Aguiar Sabo

Publisher: Embrapa

How Not To Eat Fungi Bacteria And Other Harmful Animals

Author: Figueiredo, Roberto Martins

Publisher: Manole

Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi

Author: Xavier Rolland / Laurence Rolland

Publisher: Piaget Institute


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